Cartier Marcello

  1. I don't know where to post this but since I'm a Chanel girl I think others will love this bag. This is Cartier's new Marcello bag. OMG it is so beautiful, comes in pink, burgundy, black, brown, red. Also 3 sizes. I'm picking mine up today:yahoo:
  2. I just saw this bag in IS gorgeous! what color and size did you get?
    I am a Chanel and BV gal...but the weight(lessness) of this bag is also TDF.
    Do you have photos? Should I do it?
  3. I got the medium size in black and it is to die for! The medium is just right not too big, the large size is more like a carry on. The red color is beautiful IRL:heart:
  4. They are up on Cartier's website now, the teal color is also TDF! I cannot believe the price for these bags, very resonable for this quality bag. I paid around $1200 for the medium.
  5. That is one gorgeuos bag!!!!
  6. I would post a picture of my bag but I'm too stupid to figure out how to post pictures from my camera.:cursing:
  7. OMG! This bag is so pretty and TDF. Is there a website sell it, or we have to go to Cartier boutique?
  8. Is the strap long enough for this to be a shoulder bag? It looks beautiful!
  9. If you go to you can see all the colors of this bag. It really is beautiful, I can't wait to use it but I will wait until fall. If someone can tell me how to post a picture I will show you my bag.:heart: Yes it fits over your shoulder.
  10. I just PM you for the instruction of uploading your photos from camer to the forum.

    Cartier website doesn't have its measurements and pricing. Could you let me know how did you purchase it from the site?
  11. ...Dang, I can't make the picture any bigger so you can't see the detail. I will post a picture of me holding the bag so you can see the size, I am 5'8". When I get dressed...LOL.
  12. This is a classic and forever bag. Luxury but not overwhelming. I LOVE it!!!!!!!:heart:
  13. :idea:
  14. It looks gorgeous - and the outfit looks great with the bag!
  15. The bag fits you so perfectly! I LOVE this bag!!!! :drool: