Cartier Love with jade bangle

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  1. Hi everyone,

    After years of pining, I finally got my first love bracelet (yay!) But now I find myself worried of wearing it because I also wear a jade bangle and I don't want the two banging together. The SA also suggested that it shouldn't be worn together, but not sure of her reasons.

    Would love to hear from your experience of wearing the two together and if the bracelet gets really scratched up or if you stack something else between the two as a buffer!

    Sorry if this thread is breaking any rules. I saw a few jade-love replies in other threads but wondered if there were more examples out there!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I think the jade would get banged up by the harder gold love bracelet but not sure. Someone more experienced (or google) will probably be able to tell you the mohs (?? Is that what it’s called) hardness of jade which will tell you whether it can withstand some banging. I think jade is pretty delicate no? I only know from my grandma that used to wear jade
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  3. My SA said the knocking of the jade bangle against the love (the vibrations) could cause the screws to get loose over time. I use a sweatband over the bracelets during exercise/hiking to stop the movement and clanking. The love bracelet would get scratched just from 24/7 wear. I don't think my smooth jade bangle was the main contributor.

    I've had my bracelet on since October 2018.


  4. P.S. congrats on your new love!

    I started wearing the 22k "buffer" bracelet between the jade and love when the love got scratches or "beauty marks."
  5. I have a jade bangle and a small love and wear them on different arms to keep them from banging against each other. I wear my small JUC on the same arm as the love though.