Cartier Love Small YG with 6 diamonds stacked with VCA 5 alhambra motif ???

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  1. I'm interested in purchasing my first Cartera love bracelet. I prefer the thinner small Cartier love but interested in stacking it with a VCA 5 alhambra motif bracelet. I think I found a gazillion pics of the regular Love bracelet with the VCA but have not been able to find a pic of the small love bracelet stacked wtih the VCA. Does anyone have a pic they can share? I would also love your thoughts on pros/cons of it? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi there, I have the small love (without diamonds) and a couple of VCA 5 motif bracelets. Here’s a pic for you of the MOP. HTHs!

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  3. THANK YOU!! This is exactly what I was hoping to see! I was worried the VCA would overpower the smaller love bracelet but it looks lovely! :smile: Thank you for sharing.
  4. Hi again! Sorry I do have a few more questions. Do you have any issues with either bracelet damaging the other? Also, does the VCA tangle or become troublesome stacked with the love?
  5. I have the regular size love and a yellow gold vintage Alhambra bracelet. The VCA goes over and under the love bracelet but doesn’t necessarily tangle. The beaded edge on the flowers does cause some small scratches on the love bracelet. I tend to wear them on separate wrists because of this.
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  6. hi there, the VCA doesn’t get tangled with the Love but does roll over and/or under it sometimes as I have it fitted slightly loosely as I like the movement that gives it. When I wear it stacked with my thin JUC it does get tangled but not with the Love. I haven’t noticed any scratches on either as a result of wearing them together but to be honest even if I did it wouldn’t stop me wearing them stacked; these items are meant to be worn and enjoyed and I think a few scratches would just give the Love some character but that’s just my opinion!
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