Cartier Love Small Screw

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  1. Anyone know if the screw system on Small Love bracelet can turn either direction and also if it can continue to turn from lock to unlock position going the same direction?
    Wanted to know if mine is working properly.
  2. Pretty sure mine only turns 90 degrees in one direction! How is yours working?
  3. Mine turns counter and clockwise. Weird. I a should call the SA and check
  4. Mine turns in both directions too
  5. Like you can spin it all the way around? It’s been awhile since I unlocked mine and now I wish I had my screwdriver with me to check!
  6. Each ‘turn’ is only 90 degrees but I can either ‘complete the turn’ to open and close or turn and turn back on itself to open and close, so basically slot aligned with screws is locked and slot perpendicular is open, irrespective of which direction clockwise or counter I’ve turned the screw
  7. Can turn either direction.
  8. Yep!
  9. Just got back to my house and tested this out - I had no idea it could turn in multiple directions! Good to know :smile:
  10. I just got my small love bracelet. And the screw turns in any direction. Also it just toggles the lock/unlock and lock/unlock when you turn multiple times (any direction). Just wanted to add this to everyone else’s reports.

    I have another question for all of you with small love bracelets. Hope you can chime in.

    When the snap mechanism is closed and the screw is locked in lock position, is there a slight movement/click metal sound when you tap the bracelet from both sides or if you try to pull both sides slightly apart when the bracelet is locked? In other words, is it shut/closed tightly or since its a snap lock mechanism there’s some tiny wiggle room when you try slightly to pull it apart or tap it from both sides?

    I just got my small love and the closure isn’t super tight, there’s some slight click sound when I do what I described above.

    Would appreciate your input on how your loves are. Thank you!
  11. Yes, my small love bracelet has the same problem like you described above. I haven’t noticed about this clicking sound until recently. Mine is two years old. It’s weird that your new bracelet has this sound too.
  12. Do you wear your small love without ever taking it off or do you take it off daily?

    Once you discovered this little movement has it been bothering you?

    I’d love to wear mine 24/7 but somehow with that slight movement between the two halves it doesn’t feel very solid to me. I’d prefer if it were closed shut tightly.

    3 people here on PurseForum including you told me they also have slight movement between the two halves when bracelet is closed. I am the 4th one. And I found a post of someone else too asking about the same thing a long while ago. So that’s 5 people total so far.
    Seems like it may not be a problem and is actual design since it’s a snap closure mechanism?!
  13. I haven’t taken it off since bought it. Honestly I don’t mind the clicking sound because you won’t hear it unless you’re playing with the bracelet. Like I told you above I don’t even know about this until recently.
    I’m about to buy the second love soon. I think I will get the small YG love bracelet again. I love the lock’s system of the small because i can open and close it by myself though I am wearing it for 24/7.
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  14. Yes, you’re right. You can’t hear clicking sound unless you’re playing with the bracelet.
    It’s not so much the sound that troubles me, but the visible connection line that I see. Once I press the two halves the space gets smaller and the connection point is nearly invisible. Otherwise I do see the connection point when I stare at it in admiration. :smile:
    It’s not that much of a deal breaker. Just wish it was tight so more seamless surface.
    Maybe I’m being too picky and just need to get used to it. Like you, I also love the lock mechanism of the small love and it is the main reason I bought it instead of classic love.
  15. You should be picky especially when buying a luxury item :smile:. It’s nothing wrong to expect a perfect product from a brand name like Cartier.
    Enjoy your love bracelet! Don’t forget to share a mod shots.