Cartier LOVE ring owners - please help!

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  1. I am questioning the authenticity of a Cartier LOVE ring that I just got preowned (it's the wider LOVE ring, no stones in gold). I will post on the authenticity thread but I noticed that many posts go uncommented on. My ring did not come with a certificate of authenticity but I know those can get misplaced and not necessarily signify that the ring is fake. The ring I got looks in good condition. The inner stamping does not have a the "c" copyright mark and it seems that the rings I've seen has that mark. Does anyone's ring NOT have the circled capital C mark? Also, I took it to the Cartier store and the SA wouldn't comment on authenticity but said my ring is thicker than their current version. She said it may still be real but an older version but she's worked for Cartier a long time so why wouldn't she know if they got thinner? Does anyone know if the Cartier love ring (no stones) got thinner over the years? The one I have is the thickness of the current LOVE ring with diamonds. TIA!
  2. Could you please post photos? That would be SO much more helpful in letting you know if it is authentic.

    Heres what i can tell you from the information youve shared: I have seen older love rings without a copyright symbol but I thought the thicker love rings were relatively new (since circa 2000). And I remember two thicker versions, one with 4 screw motifs, and one with Just one screw motif. If u can post pics that would be super helpful and we can give you a definite answer.
  3. Yes, most definitely! Here they are in post # 7069. Thanks SO much! I would love to hear your opinion!

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    Hi vagabag,
    I am not an expert but I compare my wedding band (thin one) to yours and I can see that the Cartier stamping is different. To my untrained eye your Cartier stamping looks a bit odd especially between the A, R and T but I could be wrong due to angle the pic is taken etc.. I hope others will chime in to help.

    edit: opps just realised that someone has chimed in in the authenticate this forum, so glad that she thinks it's authentic. enjoy your ring.
  5. Thanks for trying to help me out!

  6. hi, I've been looking for this thread, I just recently bought a pre-owned love ring too, I bought it from a trusted source but because this is my first cartier ring I would love to get as much help as I can, I will attach some pictures and hopefully you guys would be able to help me out? Thanks in advance

  7. My cartier love ring has the c with a circle and I just bought it at the Cartier boutique in March. The ring looks authentic to me.
  8. thanks for that :smile:
  9. Authentic :smile: it looks alike mine, mine is mini love in RG
  10. if you found it from Brandoff, they are trustworthy, they've got many stores in Asia.
    Based on the pictures themselves, this one looks authentic to me.
  11. Hi,can you ,please,tell me if this ring is authentic?Since it's my first Cartier item and i have the possibility to return the ring to the seller,i'd really like to receive some help.Thanks in advance.Lots of love from Italy

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  12. please
  13. My platinum love wedding band looks the same on the inside, and my Love certificates look the same. The ring should feel very heavy for it’s size. My platinum Love wedding band is noticeably heavier than my same size yellow gold band. If you keep it, remember that platinum will show scratches more than white gold, but when it is polished, the platinum is just reshaped. They don’t remove a layer of metal like they have to do with gold to polish it. Good luck.
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  14. Hi guys,

    I’m so sorry for re-living this old chat thread, but I also bought a pre-owned Cartier Love Ring in yellow gold off eBay and I was wondering if you guys could help me see whether it looks authentic? Thanks in advance and I look forward to your reply! :smile:

    Best regards,
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