Cartier Love or Tiffany T True narrow bracelet?


Jul 13, 2016
Hello! I was looking for some advice on which of these two bracelets to get. I know this is the Tiffany's forum so I'm also posting in the Cartier one.

I've been wanting the Cartier love bracelet for a while but I'm starting to feel like I'm losing interest in it. But, whenever I see it on someone, it still sparks joy! On the other hand I have been wanting the Tiffany T True narrow bracelet for well over a year now, as well. Both of the bracelets are the gold versions I'm deciding between (for Cartier just the standard gold version, no diamonds, not interested in the cuff or the thin version). The price points are similar enough that it's not a deciding factor. I was looking for some input from y'all to help me decide.

Pros for Love: seems to be going really strong still, its solid gold (please correct me if I'm wrong), and just overall seems like a substantial piece of jewelry while also remaining fairly not flashy. Cartier as a brand overall seems more appealing than Tiffany.
Cons: scratches easily and it's not as easy to remove as the tiffany one.

Pros for Tiffany T True: I love how the T's are designed and they kind of sparkle when light hits them at certain angles. it's easy to remove. Seems like the scratches would be less noticeable than on the love bracelet. $1100 cheaper. I know the price isn't a deciding factor for me, but maybe it would be nice to put that $1100 toward a future purchase haha. Tiffany as a brand always holds a soft spot in my heart because it's where I first started getting my jewelry and haven't purchased anything from them in a long time.
Cons: doesn't seem as substantial in weight (It seems hollow but I also haven't held it or tried it on personally) as the Cartier love bracelet yet the price is still pretty high.

I'm looking to wear either one as an everyday piece so I understand that either bracelet will get a bunch of scratches regardless.



Jan 19, 2020
I “love” the idea of the love bracelet and also personally don’t take off any of my gold jewelry. If you plan to take it off daily I’d suggest the Tiffany otherwise my vote is for the cartier bracelet. Like you said, Cartier is a more substantial brand and will be a better investment. Good luck deciding! :smile:


Dec 14, 2018
I would say what better fits your lifestyle and style more, while both both and approximately same width, they offer two separate ascetics. Personally, I change everyday so the Tiffany would be a better option but you may were yours everyday with no issues. There is always the new T1 that is a little closer ascetically to the Love.
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Nov 5, 2006
I have the thin LOVE and love that I can take it off everyday. I'm more petite so it's a good size for me. You sure you don't want to consider that one?


Jul 17, 2012
Can I ask why you won’t consider the Cartier love in the cuff? If you’re looking for something you can take off easily, the cuff is great. I have it, looks exactly like the original love bracelet, still feels substantial and is cheaper.


Sep 5, 2014
I prefer the Tiffany T bracelet for both aesthetic AND function. It looks really classy and versatile.

However, I prefer the Cartier Love rings to any of the similar types of rings that Tiffany offers.

Good luck deciding!
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Jun 25, 2020
Just wondering how to clean the T? For sure it collects more dirt than the Love. Also like the Cartier more European / less American as being much more subtle in branding while still being bold in style.
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Jan 2, 2016
Based on your post, it seems like you want to justify getting the Tiffany's :smile: Is it one or the other, or will you get both at some point? If only 1, ask yourself if you would regret not getting the other!


Always Making A List (and [Un]Checking It Twice)
Apr 21, 2011
I have the love (cuff), and my sister has the Tiffany T. I chose the cuff because it is easier to remove than the love. I chose the cuff, because like you I can't stand the inability to remove the bracelet at will. I tried the Tiffany T and it is quite sparkly because of how it is cut, and between the love and the Tiffany T, I think the latter is less flashy and is a more subtle day-to-day jewelry. In any case, it all comes down to preference, both are beautiful.
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