Cartier 'Love' Necklace

  1. Hello Ladies (and Gents)

    I'm seriously considering buying the Cartier 'love' necklace (the one with the screw driver). Does anyone know exactly how much it costs? I know it's painfully expensive but I just love it. :love:
  2. don't the bracelet and necklace came as a set? because it's my understanding that you can't put the bracelet on without the little screwdriver piece. i looooove the bracelet, but i've only ever seen it in yellow gold...well, that and it's probably like 4 months of my salary. heheh. so that's a no go for me. :smile:
  3. They are not a set. It's considered bad luck to buy it for yourself. I have the bracelet and love it. The bracelet comes in platinum, silver, yellow goldand perhaps something else. try
  4. I have the yellow gold and the platinum Love bracelets and I don't wear them often for 2 reasons: 1. They each weigh a ton and 2. If I ever got mugged they would have to cut off my hand because I don't carry the little screwdrivers with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I don't know but I'm interested in the bracelet and have already planted a bug in hubbys ear for anniversary this year. I think just the screw was around 2 grand so......
  6. I love the bracelets. I've been considering one for a while, then they came out with this huge ad campaign, and there was all the fuss about Brooke Sheilds AND Katie Holmes wearing them, and now I feel like I'll put it on the backburner until it cools down. I don't like wearing things that are too popular.
  7. Those items swing in and out of just have to jump in if you love it regardless of the hype.
  8. they are a cartier classic so if you truly love it get
  9. does anyone know how much the bracleet goes for??? the cartier rings are to die for!!! ahhh
  10. The bracelet is 660 british pounds. It's around the same in dollars with the exchange rate. That's for gold. For platinum, the bracelet is close to $7k.

    That's what Cartier tells me although I don't know why the difference is so huge.
  11. pics please!!
  12. they've actually been big since the 70's.
  13. I have no idea what the exchange rate is today, but even at $2 to the pound, that's only about $1300...I know it's way more than that here. My friend bought the ring several years ago and I know just the ring was more than that! Hmm, maybe I'll go to London to get one!:blink:
  14. Sorry manolo! My bad. The bracelet that's 660 pounds is not the's the link bracelet with two LOVE rings linked together. The bangle in platinum in the UK is 4k (pounds).
  15. One of my favorite Cartier pieces - but I don't own one (yet) :smile: