Cartier Love Necklace

  1. i wanted 18kt white gold and cartier didnt have it when i went in so i ordered it and should get it soon!!! can't wait till i get~ that will be my everyday necklace~~
  2. Is it the Lilo version? The one that looks like 2 rings interlocked? I like it a lot too but its really not cheap. And that necklace kinda says u r attached, r u?
  3. yea its that one...
  4. Can you post a pic, please?:shame:
  5. ooh! i love that necklace! do you mind if i ask how much that is? i've been considering making that my every day necklace also but i hate going into stores to browse :s
  6. yes pls post pics. and price if you dont mind
  7. I would love to see pics!
  8. i still haven't picked it was like $100 more than yellow/rose gold...its around $1450ish??? i know its under 1500 and over 1300. and yes ill post pix when i pick up the necklace.
  9. I know this necklace... LOVE it! Cartier did this line and it is one of my favs- I actually love the silk with love ring bracelets too :yes:

    Make sure you post pics when you get it!
  10. The necklace is beautiful! I would love one too. But I've been asking for the love bracelet. Guess, one thing at a time.:sad:
  11. the bracelet is 495(the one with strings)...and the original love bracelet is about they make it in white gold??
  12. Cartier's love line is so pretty and elegant. The story behind it, which I'm sure most of you already know...

    When medieval warriors headed off to battle, they liked to "lock up" their wives with a chastity belt to stave off the possibility of any monkey business while they were away taking care of business. In 1969, a young Italian designer who had recently joined Cartier, Aldo Cipullo, liked the idea of showing the world you were "locked up" in a committed relationship, which led him to create a now iconic two-piece bracelet that had to be bolted together to encircle the wrist: the solid gold Love Bracelet & its accompanying screwdriver.
    Cartier management liked the idea that no was was allowed to buy one for their own wrist, and to promote the new design, they got 25 high profile couples to lock each other up and formally exchange screwdrivers: Nancy & Frank Sinatra, Ali McGraw & Steve McQueen, Sophia Loren & Carlo Ponti, and the Duke & Duchess of Windsor, and Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor. The list of celeb fans, both older & newer, is seemingly endless: Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross, Reggie Jackson, John McEnroe, Elton John, Tori Spelling, Jane Fonda, Liza Minelli, and - back in the day - Madge, when she still Madonna. Recent converts include Jamie Fox, Mary J. Blige, and Lindsay Lohan.
    But no one loves a Love Bracelet as much as a lady of a certain age of who once showed up at a Cartier reception wearing six on one wrist, and three more on the other. "Listen, honey," she explained to astonished bystanders. "I've had a few lovers in my time, and I made each one of them give me a Love Bracelet. For me, these nine bracelets are like the notches on a gunfighter's pistol!"
  13. OH MY! i wish i was that lady with 9 Love bracelets JK! this story is so cute, i never heard of it before. thanks for posting!
  14. Do you need two people to get the love necklace off?
  15. sounds really pretty! I would love to see a picture of this one..