Cartier Love Necklace (Circle of Love): Thoughts?

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  1. I’m planning my next jewelry purchase and debating getting the Cartier Circle of Love necklace. It’s not as popular as the smaller ones but this is the one I’m drawn to (I’ve tried the smaller ones on too). For those of you who own this necklace, how do you find it? Is it heavy? Good for everyday use? Does it scratch less because it’s on your neck? Please let me know what you think.

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  2. Anybody?
  3. I have it in rose gold with 3 diamonds and I love it! It is actually very popular where I'm from. I do wear it everyday but it is definitely heavier than your average smaller "everyday" type necklaces.
  4. Thanks Foxyqt!! I was worried about the weight. Do you find it hurts after a day of wearing it?
  5. No its not heavy to the point where it would hurt at all. Have you tried it on at the boutique?
  6. how about the love necklace, double ring style? I feel that has more depth and character. I love mine and wear it almost everyday.
  7. Yes, I did. It felt a little heavy but it was hard to tell if it would hurt after a whole day since I had it on for 30 seconds or so. Thanks for the feedback. Helps to know it doesn’t hurt you.
  8. I think I prefer the single large circle...I know most people prefer the daintier jewelry but I like the statement that the large circle makes.
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  9. agree. good luck on your choice :smile:
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  10. I have the pave one and love it! You won't feel the weight after wearing, but I do love that it feels quite solid, like worth its weight in gold :smile:
    The gold does scratch especially if you wear with another chain or your top has lace/button that could scratch it. Mine gets fine scratches at the back. You might want to consider pave if you are particular. But it's definitely a gorgeous piece.
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  11. i have a diamond pave yellow gold one and i love it wear it everyday so far for 2 months now. i get a lot of compliments too. pave one is quite heavy, especially compared to the non-pave the weight different is substantial. it is also thicker. i got the length to its complimentary maximum and feel so worth it doing so because i like it even more
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  12. i noticed the fine scratches too, wondering where they could come from?? how could it get scratched against my skin? i am careful when i take it off and put it on, and also where and how i place it when i take it off

  13. Thank you for the feedback!! Sounds marvelous in the pave.
  14. Thank you! I think that’s what I also liked about it—it didn’t feel flimsy or anything. You feel like you are getting quality with this necklace due to its heft. I don’t mind fine scratches (I have a Love Cuff) but I was hoping it would be less obvious since it’s on my neck and not on my wrist, but that’s ok with me.
  15. I probably got those scratches from the other chain which I wear 24/7 :sad:. Only realised that after. Also probably got caught on the buttons of shirts etc as I move around. Even the SA said they probably get fine scratches from clothes. Anyways you can always bring it in for a buff. :smile:
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