cartier love necklace/ bracelet

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  1. Hi guys I really want something for the Cartier love collection. Unfortunately the popular love bracelet is way out of my budget. So I was looking at the necklaces without diamonds or the thin bracelet with the two rings connected. I need your opinion on these pieces. Are they cute or not? Can you post pics if you own any of these pictures? Thanks!!
  2. My husband gifted me the Cartier Love necklace with diamonds for my birthday last month and have received several compliments already :smile: Its a gorgeous piece of jewelry and I love it.
  3. I love both pieces! I have a love bracelet but everytime I see someone with the bracelet you mentioned, I always love that too!!
  4. How about the earrings? The love hoop earrings are stunning, the (largest) hoops are my next purchase.
  5. I have the bracelet with the two rings. I think it´s adorable but the rings are heavier then the chain so they end up on the bottom of your arm if that makes sense. I´m always pulling it up for it to sit like in the pic.

    What about a ring from the love collection? I prefer my rings from the love collection more then the two ring bracelet.

  6. I love the love necklace, I have it without the diamonds and never take it off! I find that it is a great layering piece, but you can also leave it on if you're wearing other larger pieces of jewelry (eg statement earrings, rings or cuffs) without detracting or seeming over the top.
  7. Here's a pic of the necklace, hopefully it helps! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1420858642.405299.jpg
  8. A classic 😊do you know length of chain?? Thanx

  9. 17 inches.
  10. -Bumping-
    Ladies can you please tell me if your Love necklace has the Cartier signature on the clasp? I’m considering buying one pre-loved but it doesn’t have any engraving on the clasp (just the 750 hallmark).
    Thanks for helping
  11. Hi! I don't have the love necklace, but I do have the 1895 necklace and it does have the Cartier signature engraved on the clasp. I'd assume it would be the same for all Cartier necklaces.
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    Thanks @lunehai. Actually I’m asking because I saw several pictures of baby Loves on the resale market and many didn’t have the signature on the clasp (only on the cuffs). And yet they were genuine. Perhaps are there two versions?
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  13. Thats interesting! Maybe they engrave it on the cuffs instead then? Hopefully someone with love necklaces will be able to verify this ❤️
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