Cartier Love - have they fixed the "new system" problems?

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  1. Hi everyone! Been away for a while but I'm back and thinking (again, sigh!) about the YG LOVE. Just wondering if they have made any changes that you know of to the "new screw system" that was giving everyone so many problems. Mine as you may remember fell right off my wrist while riding my bike. :sad: I had no problems whatsoever with the old system but was so fed up with the new one problems (and SO not willing to put lock tight GLUE on an $8K bracelet!) that I just sold them all and walked away.... but am missing having one now.

    Has anyone heard any news in the last year or two about what they've done to fix this, if anything?

  2. I haven’t heard anything about this, but I would highly recommend the Thin Loves if you’re worried about the screw system of the original.
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  3. My husband was speaking with a Cartier sales associate about the Louis Cartier Tank Watch. During the course of their conversation my husband mentioned how and when I lost my Love bracelet with the current locking screw system. The sales associate denied hearing/knowing anything about a problem with the bracelet’s screws becoming loose. So to answer your question, nothing has been done to remedy the problem.
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  4. I have one purchased in 2016 and it’s really secure. I had to go to Cartier the one time I wanted to remove it because the screw was on so tight.

    The one I purchased in 2017 I’ve never had a problem with, and I have not tried taking that particular one, off. Everything has always stayed in place.

    Each time I purchased one, the advice I was given was to check the screws every 3 days and then after a few weeks, check it once a week, to make sure the screws have stayed secure. I did just that, and I haven’t had an issue.

    I think if I were in your situation, I would buy it from a different Cartier boutique than the one you normally go to. I heard of someone having better luck at a different store— I don’t really know why that would be the case.. and it could be just a weird coincidence for her, but someone had recommended that to she do that.
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  5. The thin love has a different closure. Have you considered a thin love? I wonder if they will change the regular love to have the same locking mechanism as the thin some day.
  6. I agree get your love and enjoy it .
    I purchased mine in mid 2017 and a problem with it because i was afraid to screw it very tightly. And as the lady at Carier Paris told me tie it until it stops and dont be afraid to break the screws, i did tgat tigt mt Love. Ery well and had no problem afterwards. But still still cgeck the bracelet every week or more.
  7. When you wear the thin love do you still need to check the screws regularly? Why is it more secure?
  8. How did you lose it? I’m so sorry
  9. i bought the newest version of the love bracelet a couple months ago and have had no issues with the screws coming loose...i even put it on myself :smile: i check them every couple of days and they have not moved.
  10. There are no real screws on the Thin. There is a hinge on one side and a “screw” on the other that you just turn at a right angle in order to lock the bracelet. I have had all three of mine for a long time now and wear them 24/7 with absolutely no issues.
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  11. Mine is exactly the same. I have owned 2 with the new screw system and never had any issues. I even put them on myself and checked for movement with no issues. I would imagine that if one were to fall off so easily it would mean the screw system was defective from the beginning.
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  12. When I bought my love today the SA showed me how to tighten it. She said to have somebody else do it always and to alternate tightening each side so it closes evenly And then at the very end to really turn that screw in as tightly as possible. She said to make sure that I have someone tighten it once a day for the first month so that the screws set (she said that’s important) and then check the screws once a month after that. She said it’s key that somebody else tighten and that you don’t tighten it yourself.
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  13. I had problems with one of mine and brought it back to the store to have the screws replaced. Hopefully I won’t have more problems...sigh.
  14. I purchased my first yg love in September 2015..I just got my second yg love a few days ago and wearing stacked together. I have never had problems with the first screw coming loose and rarely check the screw. A few hours after I put the new on I noticed the screws were raised higher than the old one. It was a bit loose and did lower slightly after I tightened but it is still raised higher than the 2015 one. I called four boutiques and emailed Cartier but all have different answers to why this might be. I thought maybe they changed the screw but nobody could give me a straight answer. Maybe this is why some are coming loose and others stay tight? Anyone else with two have one screw raised higher than the other?
  15. I'm very curious how you can put the bracelet on yourself. Any tricks?