Cartier love CUFF to the beach?

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  1. would it be risky to wear my Cartier love cuff in the ocean? is there a high chance that it could somehow twist around and fall off my wrist? the waves are by rough at the beach that i am going to, but they're still a little big. would it be a bad idea to wear it into the ocean?
  2. yes you are taking a HUGE risk! if you think about it, it will be lubricant for the jewlery to easily slip off! If you have rings (which I know you do) and wash with water they slip off easier. So same concept.
  3. i never got the rings! i got a VCA necklace instead. i shower with my bracelet on and it feels as if my skin tightens because my bracelet doesn't slide around like normal. but you're right. i haven't had it insured yet, so if it did slip off my arm, it would not be replaceable unless i buy a new one. thanks for your help!
  4. Yeah it's silly to wear it considering it's a removable piece.
  5. Too much of a risk for such an expensive piece!
    Don't wear it to the beach!