Cartier Love CUFF Discussion thread - questions*advice*pics welcome

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  1. [​IMG]
    Hi Cartier lovers, I’m getting a love bracelet
    for myself and I’m in a dilemma which one suit me better? Would love to hear your opinion/advice as I have a fat wrist. I personally feel the thin love look more dainty on my wrist than the classic love.
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  2. I like the Classic Love Cuff looks better.
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  3. Classic love
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  4. Classic size
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  5. The classic looks more suited to your wrist. The regular is wider I. Size and shows clearly against your skin.
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  7. Classic
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  8. Is the Love cuff the same thickness as the classic Love Bracelet? Thank you
  9. Yes it is.
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  10. After lurking in the love discussions and doing lots of research I finally purchased the YG Love cuff. I love it! I have 14.5 CM wrists and went with the 17. My wrists are very tiny but I like a looser fit on my bracelets. It slides about 3 inches below my wrist bone. Hopefully this will help others with their sizing decision.
    IMG_0963.JPG IMG_0966.JPG
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  11. I like the classic love on you. I also have bigger wrists (my love is a size 20), but I feel it looks more proportional. Plus, the classic is iconic and you can’t beat that!

    That said, I adore the regular and the thin stacked, the way you have in the photo!
  12. Very nice congrats.
  13. Thanks!
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  14. That looks absolutely stunning on you!
  15. Thank you!