Cartier Love CUFF Discussion thread - questions*advice*pics welcome

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  1. I agree that while the cuff is great for convenience and everyday wear, it has to fit right or it won’t be comfortable.
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  2. Thank you again for the advice! I flew to another state and drove 2 hours to try them on in person. The SA wanted me to get the 17, but when I insisted on trying on the 16, she agreed that it was a much better fit. The 16 can move up and down my wrist just above and just below the wrist bone, but does not get caught on my inner arm as easily as the 17 when I twist my arm.
    I am also a 16 in the classic bracelet, but the cuff fits slightly better (the 15 Classic was just slightly too small). If it helps others, my wrist just below the wrist bone is 5.5 inches.
    Now I just need to decide if I am getting the RG or YG!
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  3. I would love advice about what to buy.
    1. Rose gold or Yellow gold love cuff (Rose gold shown in first few photos , yellow gold shown in next few photos)
    2. Plain cuff, Cuff with diamond or plain cuff + thin cuff (thin cuff is slightly larger on me, but the next size down did not fit - at least where the SA tried to fasten it above my wrist bone). There was no cuff with diamond in my size to try, but we all know the look.
    3. My current love collection is only the WG love ring with 3 diamonds, but I have been transitioning to more PG and YG. I have many VCA earrings and necklaces in PG and YG, but my wedding ring, engagement ring and most right hand rings are platinum. So thinking about what would play best together.
  4. The 1st three photos are all RG, the next photos (with the agrafe and the fire few with the thin are the YG), the last 2 are both RG.
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  5. Does anyone here have the Cartier Love Cuff XL? I think the width is around double that of the normal love cuff/bracelet.

  6. These look like full Loves, not the cuff. I think you can wear either YG or RG. I would not get skinny and regular just because I don’t love that look. If you do go for it. I would just save up for another full love.
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  7. Thank you. I really appreciate your opinion. They are actually photos of two sizes of the cuff and the skinny love, but one size of the cuff was too large so it spun around my wrist and looks like the classic bracelet in the photos.
    I’m not so worried about the cost difference, more about the inconvenience of taking off the full bracelet every day to go running.
    Do you still prefer the plain classic bracelet over the cuff with a diamond?
  8. Can any lovely ladies please post the measurement of your wrist and the size cuff you wear, for reference..
    My wrist measures 6 1/8 inches and I’m a 17 in the full bangle. TIA❤️
  9. Do you mean do I prefer the plain cuff to the cuff with a diamond? I guess I am indifferent. It’s just a matter of whether I want WG or RG. I too can’t wear a full because I run too. I am not sure if I would get another cuff or skip the Love and go with a VCA perlee bangle which stacks beautifully with the cuff.
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  10. My wrist is 5.5” and I wear a 16 in the love cuff and in the full bracelet.
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  11. My wrist is 14.5cms approx. A size 16 full Bangle is perfect but in the cuff I needed a size 17 as the 16 felt too tight.
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  12. My wrist measurement is about the same as yours, and I have the cuff in a 17. I wear my cuff close to the end of my wrist, and I pinch it a little bit if I want it to move less. It is comfortable for writing and typing. The cuff is supposed to fit closer to your wrist than the bangle. The 17 bangle is larger.
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  13. Hi! Do you mind posting any photo of how this fits the wrist. I’m buying online in the next few days. TIA
  14. Thank you. I have been thinking about the perlee bangle also. I would love to get the pave, but most likely will end up with the signature :smile: