Cartier Love CUFF Discussion thread - questions*advice*pics welcome

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  1. Thank you :smile:
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  2. Hi all!
    I’ve been reading this thread for the past few months and have saved enough to finally get a love cuff in RG! So happy with my purchase. Thanks to all who have re-affirmed my decision in getting one!
    E0D885C3-659E-4284-84A5-B81D19BA7508.jpeg 8E89E490-FA34-4D30-822C-E69AE144362A.jpeg 9DD14001-214B-4B6D-9167-31FFBB5E32F8.jpeg
  3. Does anyone know if the love cuff also has the stone variations that the bracelet has or is it only one diamond? I’m interested in the rose gold with colored stones but prefer the cuff...

    Thank you in advance!
  4. Cute!
  5. Beautiful, congratulations!
  6. It comes with just one stone variation for the pink gold,-1-pink-sapphire.html
    If you want the one with several stone variations in pink gold you will have to buy the full live bracelet.
  7. Thank you for your answer:flowers:. I already thought as I didn't find it on the website.
    I've been thinking about it for years but I just can't get over the fact that you can't remove it 'at will'.
    I don't always want to wear jewellery, don't want it to clash with other pieces I'm wearing,...and I do want all the stones...
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  8. I’ve tried the love bracelet with all the stones and it is really pretty but like you I need to remove my bracelet constantly due to work so its not so practical. ☹️
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  9. Hello, I have a sizing question for the single diamond love cuff. I have to phone order Cartier from California since I am in a state without a Cartier boutique. My wrist measures 5.5 inches and my smallest cuff bracelet would be 6.2 inches measured inside if fully round. When I called to inquire, they recommended size 17 in the love cuff. Can anyone verify if this sounds correct? I have read through this thread and the love bracelet sizing thread, and there are reports both ways - to make me think that size 17 would be too large and that it would be too small!
  10. My wrist measures 6.25 in., and I wear a size 17 cuff. I wear it close to the bottom of my wrist, and I pinch it a little bit so it doesn’t move up and down much. You do not want to wear a cuff with a lot of room, because it will dig into your wrist as you move it, and you will catch it on things. Once in a while I catch mine on a grocery bag, but that’s it. I love my cuff. If you want a bracelet that moves up and down on your arm, get the bangle. I think a 16 would fit you. There is a video on YouTube about how to put on and take off a cuff bracelet. I would recommend watching it, so you don’t struggle to put it on and buy a bracelet larger than you need. Good luck shopping.
  11. Thank you so much for your advice! It does sound like the 16 would be a better fit. I do not like when a bracelet moves on my arm and that is why I prefer the idea of the cuff. I have seen a a video on YouTube about taking the cuff off, but not sure if it is the same one; she recommends to make sure to remove it at the smallest point of the wrist. Thank you very much for taking the time to give your opinion.
  12. The video is called “putting a fixed size cuff bracelet on your wrist”. You can get a bracelet with a small opening on your wrist without hurting yourself. I think more people would buy the cuff if the salespeople at Cartier would show them how to properly put it on rather than trying to cram it on their wrists.
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  13. Thank you very much. I will check this out right now.
  14. Love Cuff bracelet in size 16.
    I purchased the traditional love but since I like being able to remove my bracelet when I want, I exchanged it for this cuff. I love it so much more! My love bracelet was also size 16.
  15. Looks like the fit is perfect. Looks great on you. I have 5 inch wrists and the cuff is a little big on me. But it is hard to beat the ease of wear of a cuff.
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