Cartier Love CUFF Discussion thread - questions*advice*pics welcome

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  1. I am thinking of getting one of these. Does anyone know the retail price for both white and yellow gold? It's the love bracelet that does not screw on (it's open in the back). Thanks!
  2. is that the one on the silk cord? If so, i think its $ both yellow and rose gold...each color cord signifies a cause; for example, pink cord is for breast cancer..............(they are not all for illnesses).......
  3. I tired the all gold cuff. It's very comfortable because it comes in different sizes, so you get the one that fits your wrist the best. I didn't get it though. I think the original design is nicer... although this one is removable so that is a plus.
  4. I have this bracelet in white gold, it was $2700 and the yellow gold is a little less, I think $2500. I am having my jeweler put 3 11pt diamonds in it. Cartier also has the same bracelet with 1 11pt diamond and it was $1100.00 more.
  5. I got my new LOVE open cuff last night, and I've been trying it on both right and left wrist. Right now its on my left, together with my roadster watch :heart:.

    I'm just wondering which side (Right or Left) do you usually wear your bangle/cuff? If possible, post IN-ACTION pics~:woohoo:

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  6. I don't have a pic, but I wear all bangles/rings/jewelery on my left hand. My right is bare...
  7. I tend to wear all my bracelets, watches, etc on the left hand as well, because I am right handed and it is uncomfortable to have a bracelet on when writing. However I do see a lot of people wearing their Love bracelets on their right hands. I would say try it both ways and see what is comfortable.
  8. definitely right

    left for watch. right for bracelet.
  9. I tried the right hand, but i'm extremely paranoid about hitting it on the table and scratch it up when i write :Push: cos i'm right handed.
  10. why not on both. I love wearing bracelets with watches to layer the look, and sometimes i like it on the right side alone or with other bracelets. I understand though on what you said about banging it on the table or other objects.

  11. i don't have it, YET, but i agree, personally.

    since i go by the "rule" of wearing your watch on the hand you DON'T write with. And since that wrist is taken up by a watch, you wear bracelets on the other.

    but of course, if you don't wear a watch, either is fine.
  12. If you are right-handed, I recommend watch on left and bracelets on right.
  13. I have the WG bracelet with half diamonds and I wear it on my left wrist together with my watch. I don't like the feeling of anything on my right hand, except for rings. However, I think the bracelet stands out more if it is worn on the right hand without the watch.
  14. believe me.. its going to get scratched up.. whether you like it or not

    i have had mine a month and a week.. and i walked around.. like i had a cast on the first 3 weeks.. and when the top of it.. started to get as scratched as the bottom... i said.. forget it. now i am back to living my life as normal. lol
  15. i used to wear my watch on my left and bracelets on my right.. then when i got the love bracelet i switched my watch to my right and put the love bracelet on the left. i felt the same way, i didn't want it to get as banged when i was always using my right hand. when i had stuff on my right hand it would get banged when i was writing, reaching in the washer machine, etc.....