*Cartier Love Collection*

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  1. Hi Ladies (and Gents),

    If you're a fan of the Cartier Love collection, I'd really love to hear your feedback. What piece do you own (or want to own), did you buy it for yourself or was it a gift, what makes you excited about it, etc. If you have comments about the advertising around the Love collection, I'm keen to hear about that too. I'm writing a paper on the Love Collection and the ad campaign around it, so hearing your feedback would be really interesting and appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I want the Love bracelet in yellow gold..but I feel like I should get it as a gift from my bf instead of buying it for myself..lol
  3. I own a rose gold cuff (no diamonds) that I bought for myself. Eventually I'd like another but the bangle in yellow or white gold. By the time I can afford it though, my mind might change!
  4. I love this collection!! BF brought me the yellow gold cuff, and i brought myself the yellow gold ring and necklace and rose gold bangle.
  5. It's funny, but I don't remember ever seeing an advertisement for Cartier that wasn't a poster hung outside of their boutique in the mall or on a banner on one of the mall's upper levels.
  6. I have two rings, a necklace and a bracelet.

    and i love it all.. and want more...lol

    next up... yellow gold with half diamond bracelet.
  7. My DH brought me the love bangle for my birthday. I have the Cartier Santos watch with the rubber strap!
  8. I've seen magazine ads, but that's all I recall for the LOVE collection. I've also seen the photos from magazines promoting the string Love charity bracelets.

    I have the yellow gold bracelet (screw-on style) that my husband bought for me. I bought the matching Love ring for myself after that.
  9. I had definitely seen and ripped out ads for the Love items a couple of years ago! finally got the ring and necklace while in Vegas with dh....then last yr I bought the Love bracelet (all in rose gold) for myself.....
  10. I have the rose gold bangle and rose gold with pink sapphire ring.

    I've been wanting to purchase the bangle since forever. Even though I could have bought and paid for it myself, I waited until DH gave it to me because it's more special. He keeps the screwdriver too!

    With the ring, I didn't mind buying it myself since you can't screw it anyway.
  11. I have the white gold bangle, my DH bought it for me, I only took it off for our wedding day, I am thinking about getting the ring, and I also think if it would be possible for cartier to add some diamonds for me, but I doubt it.

    I could have bought it myself, but I fell for the marketing and a rule was "it must be bought for you, by someone who loves you" Step forward DH ;)
  12. i love me. so i bought it for me.

    i cant wait around for someone to buy me things.. i would never have anything then...lol
  13. DH got me the 6-diamond WG Love Ring a while ago.... and because I'm hard on my hands the plating got scuffed and dull pretty quickly so it's at Cartier right now for replating... it's been 2+ weeks already and they said it would be 3. I miss it like woah!!!!!

    That said, I got him the WG traditional Love ring, which he adores.

    I'm not big on the bracelets, but for no reason beyond I'm not a bracelet wearer. But they are gorgeous.

    I don't know that I've seen specific advertisements for the Love collection... only the engagement rings. Like Tiffany, Cartier has just exquisite photography that makes the diamonds practically leap off the page at you.
  14. I have the YG open cuff Love bracelet.
    I also have afew more Cartier pieces, but they are not from the Love collection.
  15. LOL! I'm right there with you, lady.