Cartier Love Chain or Thin Love

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Which bracelet - small Love bracelet or chain Love bracelet?

  1. Small Love bracelet

    4 vote(s)
  2. Chain Love bracelet

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  1. Hi All - I am debating about which Love bracelet to get - the Cartier small Love bracelet or the Cartier chain Love bracelet.
    I would get either bracelet in yellow gold. I do not want to get the traditional Love bracelet because I want the versatility of being able to take it on and off daily. I tried the cuff on and did not like the way it fit, so that is out of the running. I typically wear jewelry more like the chain bracelet, but I like the bangle concept and the fact that it is more like the traditional Love bracelet. I am stuck on which to purchase and wanted to see what others thought would be the better investment (and which would hold its value better over time). Thanks!
  2. You are in the wrong forum, this is the chanel one :smile:
  3. Whoops thanks! I was going too fast and just saw the "C". I reposted in the correct forum. Sorry!
  4. I love the Love bracelet.

    If your issue is taking it off every night then get the chain bracelet. The love bracelet doesn't bother me though when I sleep with it.