cartier love bracelet

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  1. i currently have the yellow gold cartier love bracelet. I'm really loving the white gold with every other diamond one. What do you guys think about doubling up on the love bracelets? I don't see many people do it, but just wanted some opinions. Thanks!
  2. that's a beautiful look.
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  4. I don't have any Cartier Love Bangle yet, but I am planning to buy definitely one, perhaps two.:smile:

    forchanel, thank you for the URL!! Will check it up how double love bracelets look!
  5. I have both rose gold and yellow gold stacking up on my right wrist. Love the look.
  6. thanks for your opinions! I love the idea, but I wasn't sure it if was too much, glad other people can appreciate it as well! picking up my new bracelet tomorrow!
  7. I like the look. But it would take me some getting use to the feeling of 2. It took me a long time to get use to wearing 1.
  8. If I had unlimited funds, I totally would, but I just have such a long wishlist and a 2nd Love is excessive - in a GOOD way, lol!
  9. oh, i would do that in a heartbeat! believe me, if i could afford the one with the diamonds, you bet i'd wear them together with my RG love bangle.

    it'll look gorgeous!
  10. Definitely 2! or 3.....5 would be nice too!

    I think layering is a cool look.....totally justifiable :smile:
  11. I love the look of 2 Love bracelets together. :love:

  12. is both the same size?
    also, did you get the "right" size for your wrist or slightly larger?
  13. any pics bb10lue??:smile: im thinking of rose gold & yellow gold together.. can you tell the difference between them/are they too similar?
  14. Heres a picture of my RG and YG together. They are both size 16. its a bit hard to tell the difference unless you look reallyyyyy close.

  15. that's a GREAT look.'re stirring ideas in my head :P