Cartier Love bracelet :(

  1. i have recently been introduced to the Cartier Love bracelet and i lovee it. Not quite sure why, theres something about it that makes you believe you need this bracelet.

    the only thing is....the price :wtf:

    and i heard that it goes up every year or so.

    i found a used bracelet that is going for 2,400 and its YG.
    do you guys think its a good deal?

    is the bracelet something that grows on you or do you have regrets about your purchase?
    its still so expensive..i wanted some opinions to see if its worth it or if its just another one of those pieces that end up in the back of your jewelry box collecting dust.

    how long do you think this bracelet will be in fashion?
  2. Well, the bracelet has been around since 1969. IMHO, it is as much as a fashion staple as a Tiffany Floating Heart or a Louis Vuitton Speedy. I have been looking at used prices (because I plan to get a used one for my 30th b-day/ wedding present), ans $2400 seems to be a little lower than the $2600-3300, which is what I am seeing for size 17. Size 16 is between $2500-3000.
  3. That is interesting. The price of Love bracelets in the store is the same for all sizes. Only WG costs more than YG or RG.
  4. It's a beautiful bracelet and has a very timeless style. Basically, it's a huge band of gold!

    I love it too, but I don't know if the cuff is a better choice for me because I love bracelets and I think I might need the option of being able to remove it at will.

    This is just me and my opinion, but Cartier is very expensive and a rare treat for me. I only have one piece in my collection. I prefer to save and purchase new in store because I just cannot trust authenticity from resellers 100%.
  5. I also do not trust authenticity from resellers. I've seen too many friends burnt fom something they thought was "real" only to learn later that it was "fake".
  6. well, i purchased mine on eBay 2.5 years ago and paid $2,500 (when it was selling for $3,600 from cartier brand new) and i assure you, mine is authentic. not only did it come with the certificate of authenticity and the screwdriver, i had the authenticity confirmed at the las vegas cartier boutique a year ago as well.

    but you're right, there are fakes out there so OP if you do plan on buying one pre-owned, please do your research and know what you're getting into. i knew i wanted to try and find one pre-owned because of the significant savings, but i also did a lot of research (and many droolworthy trips to the cartier boutique—which at the time, there was one in denver only an hour away from me), so i knew what to look for in terms of authenticity so i wouldn't be dooped either.

    i was lucky and ended up with a seller who was selling this LOVE bracelet from an estate, and i was lucky that he recently had it polished from cartier before selling it so it looked brand new. and the trick is also finding it in your size. took me almost 6 months to find one that was my size that i felt was a good buy (and my criteria of only wanting YG or RG).

    so buying one pre-owned is not always a bad thing, just know before you're ready what an authentic one looks like and the signs of knowing beforehand if it's fake. and always always, make sure you get the COA that comes with every bracelet and so you can ensure that the serial # from the COA matches the serial # engraved on the inside of your bracelet. otherwise, don't buy it.

    either way, good luck!
  7. now that i own the bracelet, i didn't know i could enjoy it so much. sounds silly, but like my ering, i look down at the love bracelet and get a smile on my face. it's just really beautiful and one of the best things i've bought, seriously. i plan to wear it forever so it it won't be collecting dust at all.

    since the idea of owning one to the actual day that it was purchased (about 6 months), the bracelet went up $100. there is no doubt in my mind that it will continue to go up.

    i advise you to be knowledgeable about the look of the bracelet and all the markings so you won't get duped by a reseller. good luck and i hope you find the one you want.
  8. This is definitely a piece of jewelry that will NOT be collecting dust in the back of your drawer! I received mine for Xmas last year and it has not been taken off since. I smile every time I look down at my wrist. Mine is YG in size 16 and I just love it. Make sure you do your research before buying from a reseller and good luck! I am sure you'll love yours!!!
  9. I would be nervous to buy from a reseller, for me, I'd rather save up and buy from Cartier.

    I don't know if you have ANY travel to the Caribbean planned, but I got mine in St. Thomas in May for $3400, no tax.

    I think it's truly worth the money, if you think you would wear it everyday. I don't ever plan on taking mine off.
  10. lanasyogamama - just curious - Which wrist do you wear it on and are you right-handed or left-handed? If I end up with the YG bangle, I may wear it on my left. And I'm right-handed. I've always worn my WG on my right but I don't like knocking it into things. So I can switch WG to my left or just take turns - 6 months for each one separately at a time!
  11. I am right handed and wear it on my left. I think I'd bang it into a lot more if it was on my right.

    I can't wait for you to get yours! I love reveals!
  12. Do you wear a watch on your right hand? I can't wait to get it too but it won't be until late November at the earliest!