-- Cartier Love Bracelet

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  1. Have you tried the platinum? I haven't seen a pic of one yet. They are much more expensive but would hold up better than the WG.
  2. Hi cartier_love I have not tried one no, as to be honest when I went into the store last night after work, I did not even realise they did a platinum version of it. I take it, it would be evern heavier than the white gold!
  3. Yes, it'll be heavier. I'm not sure how much heavier. Everyone says after a few days you don't even realize you are wearing it.
  4. Hi Ladies,
    Sorry if this was mentioned somewhere before but does anyone know if the new Cartier Red Card is offering a no interest for a year like the old one? I would like to purchase a Cartier Love Bracelet in YG for myself. I've been wanting it forever..
    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  5. Kinda OT, but why did they do away with the old Red Card? What's different about the new one?
  6. Yes, the new Cartier card has zero interest for a year. But there is a minimum purchase amount. The Love bracelets will definitely qualify. I do not think they call it "red card" anymore.
  7. Awesome. Thanks Hokplan!
  8. Marketing genius... those bastards!

    Had a trip planned to the mall and was going to drag my unsuspecting friend in there to ask about the damn Red Card to see what the dilly-o was. The SA who got to me first was brand new and had no idea about the presto-chango now-you-see-it-now-you-don't Red Card. She had to go ask someone... but sure enough, the old one is no good now and you have to reapply/reopen to get credit. I asked if there were any promos... and sure enough, no interest for 12 months with 3500 minimum purchase and 3.5% minimum monthly payment. Well, snap! I'll just have to take a WG Love bracelet then. Durrrrrrr!!! But it sure is purdy!
  9. I wish they did 0% finance in Cartier in the UK but they dont but then again its probably a good thing as I think my DH would kill me as:nuts: I would certainly have a few purchases lol.:nuts:
  10. Love it!! :yahoo: At least you got it before another price jump. You won't regret it. The price will sting for awhile but then you'll see how much it becomes a "part of you!" Enjoy!!:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  11. hey ladies, i was wondering about those with small wrists. it seems like the smallest size is sz16 but my wrist is only 13cm around. is it going to even fit? tia!
  12. ^ Good question. I'm not exactly a delicate flower but took the 17. The 16 probably would have worked too. I have no idea how little bitty women wear these.

    So, my stupid question: Are these supposed to come with the screwdriver? There's what looks like a space for one in the box...
  13. ^ yes, a screwdriver comes with it.
  14. ^ Apparently so! A new SA sold me the bracelet the other day, and apparently forgot to make sure the little screwdriver was in the box. I went back today, saw my usual SA, who ran and got me one with lots of apologies. All is well!
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