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  1. I had the same experience as designerdiva. I was able to try on a PG and a YG, and as soon as I saw them on my skin, I knew which one I really wanted.

    You better get shopping, prince increase in January!!!
  2. Is there another U.S. price increase in January 2011? I am thrilled that I already have mine!
  3. I might be wrong, but I think US just had an increase, and UK is *about* to have one.
  4. I think the only reason the uk hasn't had one yet is because we are due for a Vat increase in January & Cartier SA told me they would do there price increase then rather than putting the prices up twice, everything in the UK is going up from 17.5 percent to 20 percent so if your buying something expensive like a car it's a lot extra you will have to pay ( greedy government):tdown:
  5. Hi Ladies

    Wow what a really friendly forum and full of great information, I think this may become another past time! :smile:

    Just to let you know after work I went to work to buy some Christmas presents, I purchased my sister a new Chanel Bag with I hope she likes (I should of asked those in the Chanel forum!) and then stopped by Cartier.

    I waited in there and as always why do people walk on in and take over there are people waiting. The woman after me being ignored twice then went to serve these people (the security guard was like hello) i just said leave it to his SA. She then replied with "come on" and I said no I will wait, it was quite funny as the 2 she ignored me for were returning an item!

    Anyway another very helpful woman served me (I know policy for no names) and sat me down and I tried both on. To be honest I am very torn now- I was able to try the real ones and the first thing I felt was the weight. The SA was patient with me and even though I thought the white gold for me when I put on the yellow I actually really liked it, it almost warmed up my skin colour if that does not sound too odd?

    Anyway I think I may get one from them, especially with the rise in prices etc. It is also great that I can wear it all the time. So ladies what do you think of a yellow gold on a man?! In addition, I found out that I am a size 18?

    To end this story (I am not sure if I am allowed to post a pic yet) I saw out of the corner of my eye a Love bracelet on the silk cord, it is the 2010 one I was told and is the white gold love ring with 2 tiny diamonds. The cord was a bright yellow which was fun but for work (as I never want to take it off) the lady said more conservative, with that she then came back with a board of about 20 different colours of silk cord. I went for the navy blue. So I am not wearing my new White Gold Love Bracelet with 2 Diamonds.

    As I said not sure I can post a picture yet, however, I will when my membership extends or id anyone can tell me how to do it I will post some pics from my iPhone of it on my wrist.

    Sorry for the long story! However, it is great to spoil yourself isn't it?! :smile:

    Let me know your thoughts on colour of gold.


  6. Oh and before I forget the lady did say to me after I asked (as I saw people having different stories on here) that the cords can be changed at any time and this would be for free!
  7. Felix, your sister is a very lucky lady I wish I had a brother that would buy me a Chanel bag I'm sure she will be so happy with her new handbag, congratulations on your new purchase I look forward to seeing pics, so you got the charity bracelet are you still going to get the love bangle & if so I think the yg is fine for a man, my car valeter wears a yg & it looks great.
  8. Felix meant to ask which Cartier boutique did you buy your Charity bracelet from, as I too found I had to wait ages but I suppose good things come to those who wait & a love bracelet is worth the wait.
  9. I went to the one in Selfridges as I meant it was still open (as on the run up to Christmas they are open until 10pm each night) I thought it would be quiet - of course I was wrong! :smile: I work in the city so could of gone there but had to get the Chanel bag.

    DesignerDiva this has made me want the love bracelet even more as I think a bracelet with the one I have not bought on the navy silk cord would look great layered.

    However, I think I am going to buy it at Heathrow as their prices are cheaper by quite a bit and I will be flying out of there anyway. I am not sure it is a charity one anymore as even though I called it that to her she just called it the love bracelet on silk that they do a version of every year. Maybe they have now stopped with the charity link?
  10. Congrats on the charity bracelet! By all means, get the yellow gold if you prefer it on you!
  11. yes definitely get the gold, i think it also depends on what color metals you wear the most.
  12. Felix I would telephone the Heathrow Cartier boutique & tell them what size & colour gold & they will get it in for you & keep it until you go there only it would be horrible if they didn't have the one you want.
  13. Designerdiva I have already called then and they can put aside for me an 18 in both white and yellow for me. They are going to call me back on Thursday when the helpful SA is back in and see which one I went for. I think I will go back and try both on, I am really stuck though which colour of gold, I really should of asked if I could take a picture of them on! I might pop into the branch in the City as I sure they also have some in store.

    The saving at Heathrow is great and because it is in Harrods technically I will also get the rewards points!

    Out of interest has anyone ever tried on a platinum love bracelet, does it come in plain metal like the others, any idea of RRP?

  14. Have a look on the Cartier website & you can request a price, i think it's very expensive, as to which colour gold it depends on what other gold you have, I have got all Wg, platinum & silver but I ended up going for the yg & that was only because I wasn't that keen on the colour of the Wg without diamonds as it's not rhodium plated & is a grey sort of colour I also didn't want it to look like silver when I wore it with other silver bracelets but then again I have been too scared to wear it with any other bracelets because of scratches. When you buy it from the airport are you saving the Vat if so that's a very good saving.
  15. I totally agree with you, I think that I why I am considering the yellow gold, as when yellow gold ages (by marks, scratches etc) I think it may still look in a better condition than the white gold. Also it generally did warm my skin, also always good that I think the yellow gold is slightly cheaper than the white gold.
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