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  1. Got mine about a month ago & you ladies are so right you do get used to having it on 24 7, think I would feel strange without it now & it's only been a month imagine how you would feel after wearing it for years, I have already got very light scratches & I wear it in it's own but that's only because I'm scared of other bracelets scratching, I probably won't care after a year or so, I would love to get a second 1 to wear with it maybe the cuff so I can take it off.
  2. hi ladies, just wondering, will showering with it be okay. just wondering with all the soap and even with house work all those cleaning agents? cheers!
  3. Showering is ok & soap doesn't harm it, when I do housework i always wear marigolds ( rubber gloves)
  4. ^ excellent thank you! now to just find out where in the world is it cheaper to get one.
  5. the bangle is solid gold, so no, soap will not harm it. obviously i shower with it every single day. if anything, it shines it up a bit. ;)
  6. Hi Ladies

    I am new to this forum and was wanting to ask you a quick question in relation to the Cartier Love Bracelet. I have to post here are regulations state I have to be a member 5 days before I can post my own topic.

    I am a guy in my mid 20s and would like to purchase a Cartier Love Bracelet in solid gold. I was therefore wanting some insight from you; what colours of gold do they come in and what would you suggest. I am based in London and therefore, any idea on pricing would be great. I also travel a lot and was wondering if the Cartier at the airport (especially London Heathrow) would offer more of a discount than my local Sloane Street Store.

    Also from looking at some posts I see that they come in wrist sizes 16,17,18 etc, is it better to have a tighter fit or a loose one?

    On a side note do thet still do the bracelets on the silk cord that would for charity (or not)?

    Finally is this cool to buy one for yourself or a little odd?! :smile:

    Thanks in advance Ladies, you have helped me out of a lot of situations by purchasing nice presents for the females in my life!

  7. Hi Felix.

    The bracelet comes in yellow gold (YG), white gold (WG), and pink/rose gold (PG). I would go to the website for the most accurate pricing. There was just an increase in the states to $4300 for the YG.

    I'm not sure Sloane St or the airport would discount. The only discount I have seen is in the Caribbean.

    Yes, 16, 17 etc. They will measure you in the boutique. From what I've seen here, Cartier recommends a tight fit, but some people (including me) prefer a looser fit.

    It's cool to buy for yourself IMO!

    IDK about the Charity.

    Good luck!
  8. hi felix and welcome to tPF!

    like lana has stated, my suggestion would be to go to a cartier boutique and try on different sizes and see which would suit you personally. they have sizing bangles similar to sizing rings at cartier as they will not let you try on an actual one (unless you bought it first).

    mine is worn more snug, but not uncomfortable at all. i think for me, it would drive me nuts to have it going up and down my arm throughout the day. it's loose enough to where i can twirl it all the way around my wrist, but it doesn't go up my arm either. it's just a perfect fit for me and it doesn't bother me at all.

    as far as thinking it's odd to buy one yourself, i don't think it's odd at all. a lot of people do this. their thinking is, why wait to have someone buy it for you when you can buy one for yourself now? for me personally, i have wanted one since 1987 and it has always been a "dream" to own one. that being said, it was important to me to have my future husband/SO buy one for me. i finally got mine back in february 2008 for a valentine's gift from my hubby. it was worth the wait and i love it.

    good luck and if you do end up buying one, be sure to post pics here.
  9. Felix, Rachel Zoe's husband, Rodger Berman wears a super-cool white gold one. Maybe google to find some pics. The Cartier SA will show you how it is supposed to fit. It's hard to explain. It's not super loose like a regular bangle, but not so snug that it always stays in the exact same place on your wrist. Proper fir is KEY to your enjoyment of this bracelet.
    Good luck!
  10. Hi Ladies

    Thanks for you prompt replies. I would say the best thing would be to go and try them on, however, being an indecisive man (when it comes to purchasing things), I think on the colour of the gold I would be stuck!

    I am typical pale (ish) completion brown hair, eyes, therefore, I am not sure whether to stick with the white gold or maybe go for something that may warm my skin tone such a rose or yellow - thoughts? As I take it with the sizing bracelets that onegirlcreative mentions they do not have them in the different colours so you can get an accurate idea of what they would look like on the skin?

    Many thanks

  11. ^ they will not want you to try on bracelet after bracelet. It's really a to-do to get one of these on!! They have dummy bracelets in brass to get the proper fit.
    They should have all gold colors for you to see, though.
    For a guy, I like either white or yellow gold. Not rose, IMO.
  12. Actually we have just got this show in the UK "The Rachel Zoe Project" my sister loves it and actually I have surprisingly warmed to Rachel Zoe a little bit than I thought! :smile: Anyway moving on - I did see him wear one, however, I did not see the bracelet I thought he was wearing the cuff version, I will have to have a google now and look.

    Thanks Greentea!

  13. It sounds as if the fit it key here (pardon the pun) :smile:

    I have quite a slim wrist and therefore it is actually quite nice that the Cartier selection fits on the smaller side, as nowadays everything has gone so large!

  14. ^ hehe, yup, you are right.
    Hmm, I thought he had the bangle, but it could be the cuff.
    I like the cool, modern look of the white gold on a guy.
    I chose the more classic YG for myself. For size ref, I'm a lady with average sized wrists and I wear a 17.
  15. Felix, I got mine a month ago from New Bond Street & they let me try several different ones on & they also did in Selfridges I never had to try the dummy ones on, I'm surprised that they let me try the real ones on because I had read on here that they didn't let you but it's good because you can get an idea on which colour gold you prefer on your skin tone, I went for the yg full bangle & it was £3,000 GBP but they did tell me that they are. due to go up in January probably by about 10 percent so if you want one buy it before the price increase, if your from the UK you have probably watched The Alan Titchmarsh show on itv he wears one I think it's yg & my car valeter wears a yg, I think men look great wearing them & you should defiantly buy it for yourself
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