-- Cartier Love Bracelet


Christi Cartier
May 3, 2008
Hi Everyone!

I'm a fan of a Cartier jewellery and am thinking of purchasing a Cartier "Love" bracelet for myself (with the help of the boyfriend). I'm just wondering if anyone who has one could tell me about how it works with everyday stuff, seeing as you're not supposed to take it off. I go running every morning and am very active - so I'm worried about sweating on it too much, or it sticking to my arm... If I ended up taking it off often, would the screw get damaged?

Thank you all!

Much Love,


<3's TPF
Feb 28, 2007
Hey i have had one on for about 4 months now without taking it off. 1st thing is it most likely will go off in a metal detector. it isn't really an issue but just so you know that it actually does go off a lot.. 2nd. i have had it on and done a lot of exercise with it like running and swimming and it is fine. Don't worry about sweating on it because if i have gotten chlorine on it then i am sure it is fine. after a few days you forget it is there and you really don't even feel it! If you take it off i don't think it would necessarily get damaged but i think you might scratch it a lot by using the screw driver. I really recommend it, I love it!!!
also their is a whole thread on the love bracelet incase you didn't see it!


Apr 6, 2008
I got mine on valentines day as a gift from my DH. I didn't take it of since then, I think it will take you a few days to get used to it on your arm but I don't think you will be able to take it off and then wear it again often because it takes time to wear it ( mine took 20 minutes and that's with the help of my DH ) I hope you get yours soon and enjoy it as much as I am enjoying mine
Nov 19, 2007
Hey, I've had mine on my wrist for 17 years.... I took it off once at Cartier for polishing
You do forget about it as Bextasy said.... and it's 18 k gold so it won't get affected by sweating or any other activity
You will love it..


Sep 24, 2007
I actually enjoy screwing the bracelet on and taking it off (kinda fun)! I have worn the bracelet for 3 days max without taking it off. After 2 or 3 days' break, I put it on again. I have become such an expert with the screw driver - I can screw and unscrew the bracelet in 3 minutes flat all by myself.

My only stress is my fear of losing the tiny screws - they have fallen off a couple of times while I was putting on/taking off my bracelet and it look me a long time to search for them on the floor. I also do lots of housework, and am afraid of scratching the bracelet. I have seen love bracelets with such heavy scratches that cannot be removed even after sending them back to Cartier for polishing and re-coating!

I considered the cuff too, but I much prefer the look of the bracelet. Plus the cuff only comes with one diamond, which is too few for me! LOL :smile:


Christi Cartier
May 3, 2008
Minda, thanks for your info! I'm glad that you told me that taking off and putting on the bracelet can actually save it from getting really horrible scratches.
Coldplaylover, the cuff sounds like a great idea! The only thing is that it sort of defeats the purpose of the bracelet never coming off.

Decisions, decisions.

Thanks again!


Mar 29, 2010
I got mine in YG 4,5 months ago. First of all, sweating will not damage your bracelet. It is just water. I think it is a quite comfortable piece has not bothered me at all yet. make sure you get the right size. since you will be wearing it everyday it will get scratched so you will have to get used to that. since I got it I haven't taken it off. If you want to get it then take it off all the time don't get it. Forget about the cuff, the bracelet with the screw looks much nicer. Forget about getting it polished too. Because every time they polish it they remove some of the gold and it also ruins the design. I have got a lot of invisible scratches on mine. At first I was like really upset now I am getting used to all the scratches.


Feb 28, 2006
^ absolutely!
I love mine and exercise and do everything with it and I'm totally used to it. It has teeny scratches but they will blend in over time to form a nice patina. I think this bracelet was designed not to look perfect - it's supposed to live along with you. :smile:
I was told that taking it on and off too often will really weaken the screws. My SA said go ahead and take it off maybe before going to the airport (it will set off the detector) or having a medical procedure and once every few years for cleaning. Make sure your SA gives you a lesson on how to properly remove it. You have to have someone else pull it apart symmetrically without bending either of the 2 gold halves upwards. If you bend it, it will damage the "track" that the bracelet uses to hook together.


Daddy's Little Girl
Feb 11, 2008
you'll get used it, but in the beginning it'll feel like a third arm.

i am also very active and run everyday as well as play tennis and ski. so believe me, these activities are not a problem with the bangle. like i said, you'll get used to it.

don't go nuts with every single scratch because it'll make you insane. just understand it's part of the patina of the bracelet and adds character.

i love mine.