Cartier Love Bracelet - With or Without Diamonds?

  1. thank you, leah, kimber418, hokaplan, sjunky13, twinkle.tink!

    hokaplan, i plan on wearing 24/7 but maybe leaving at home for airport trips since i hear it could take 20 minutes sometimes to get a female TSA agent to wand me and my 2 and 4 year old might melt down! i might try traveling once to see if it sets off alarms because i know i'll miss it :sad:
  2. Congrate Kim Mac!!!
    does anyone know that carat weight of each diamonds on the bracelet?
  3. Congrats Kim! Your bracelet is so beautiful!
  4. I like the original one!
  5. I was told 11 points each by my SA. Maybe other people can chime in?
  6. I enquired directly with Cartier via the website and was told 1 carat for the 4 diamond bracelet, so 25 points per diamond. I was quite surprised they were that big!
  7. congratulations on your beautiful bracelet! :smile: i received one in YG with all diamonds recently, and though i was concerned about setting off the alarm at the airports too, i was surprised it didn't go off at all! i had actually tried taking it off beforehand, but i had recently had it cleaned and when the SA put it back on, he must have tightened it a lot because we couldn't get it off using the screw that was included.

    anyway, congratulations again, and hope you enjoy it lots! :smile:

  8. Kim_mac,

    This is what I know about traveling (airports) with the Love Bracelet on.....
    My friend from my pilates class has one and travels frequently with her job. She said
    the airport security in many airports know about the bracelets and if it does go off they pull you aside and you will either be scanned again or hand-inspected. She said hers does not set the scanner off all the time. If you wear a long sleeve top I think it helps. I am going to NYC in a week so I will report what happens with my new WG Love Bracelet. I have been wearing nonstop since Feb. 14 and am so used to it
    that I would miss it if I had to leave it at home!
  9. I have the 2 cuffs that I've worn through the scanner many times and they do not set off the security. I wonder what's different? Wouldn't it be the same for all jewelry?
  10. i think the cuffs don't have the screws and those might be what sets off the security at airports.
  11. yes the love bracelets set off security alarm. not a big issue. they just look and let you go. some airport alarms are more sensitive then others.
  12. I have the WG from several years ago, so it's half diamonds (6) and I LOVE it. Just adds a lil something extra ;)
  13. We're twins! Love it on you, you were it well! I just flew one week ago, and I had no problems. Was not wearing a long shirt either, but I did have my screw driver packed in my carry-on just in case. GL
  14. So strange - seems like no one knows what the secret is to this !
    I guess airports have different sensitivities ...but some people seem to never set it off and some always do. My SA said he just gets pulled aside for the extra search and its no big deal, that he recommended that over taking it on and off - so that we don't damage the screws. He has worn his YG for like 19 years :biggrin: it was beautiful.
  15. I plan on leaving my WG love bracelet on next week when traveling to NYC. However,
    when traveling with my DH I don't think he will have the patience if I am held up by security if anything is set off. He is a very impatient traveler......

    This will be my practice round at our airport. :0 I will report back.