Cartier Love Bracelet - With or Without Diamonds?

  1. i'm going to cartier this afternoon to buy a love bracelet but need your help deciding between the plain or 4 diamonds. i know the plain is the original and iconic but i LOVE diamonds and the 4 diamonds would give me the best of both worlds - the look of the screws and diamonds. i'm probably going to go with rose gold but i'll try on the yellow gold just in case it looks better on me.

    please help me!!! plain or with 4 diamonds??? which do you prefer???
  2. I prefer the plain..I think less is more in this case. I love the simplicity of it.
  3. With! Normally I'm a fan of plain, but in this case I prefer the half screw/half diamonds love bangle.
  4. also fyi - the 4 diamond bracelet is slightly thicker (more metal) than the plain and has more glow coming from the metal. i didn't know this until the SA pointed it out.
  5. I am with whoops - I would go for the 4 diamonds Love bracelet.
  6. Diamonds, for sure.
  7. I would go plain. If it was a bracelet that is easily removed for cleaning, then I would opt for diamonds.
  8. Diamonds! Like you mentioned, Kim, you get the best of both worlds.

    I went with 4 diamonds because I found the plain one a bit boring.

    Have a great time at the boutique today!
  9. It sounds to me like you want the diamonds more. So go for the diamonds! I like it better without, because it goes with more, but it is entirely up to you. Good luck deciding!
  10. Usually I love diamonds on everything but on this one..I perfer the's more classic that way.
  11. 4 votes plain
    4 votes diamond

    here's a picture with all the combos: pave, 4 diamond, 10 diamond, and plain. i love them all!
  12. i'm the tie breaker LOL 4 diamonds all the way, best of both worlds!! and I love pink gold! you are going to have my dream bracelet kim mac!
  13. I like the middle picture with the pave diamonds on the pink gold! Sweet!
  14. Please tell me price of the 4 diamond one, if you don't mind. I have a plain WG bangle. I love it but it is a little plain. So I vote 4 diamond. Is it over $8000 U.S. dollars yet?
  15. that combo of pave and 4 diamonds is TDF! but the price of the pave is $33,800! yikes!!! i'd rather have something else for that price. also since the bracelet is not easily removable, the bracelet might get very dirty and soap scummy. i'm thinking of stacking it with a different rose gold pave bracelet in the future. LOVE that middle picture!!!