Cartier Love Bracelet vs Hermes Clic-Clac?

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  1. I know they are 2 very different things...
    I am torn and don't know what decision to make? :sweatdrop:
    Is it best to get a Cartier Love Bracelet (the plain bangle, in yellow gold is the one I have in mind) or get several Hermes Clic-Clacs?
    Sometimes I think the price of the Cartier Love Bracelet is just ridiculous for what it is and that I could get another piece of jewelry which has much more "impact" (not necessarily talking about Clic-Clacs here)! Yet, I can't seem to make the idea of a Love Bracelet go away :cursing:
    What do you all think?
  2. I quite agree the price is ridiculous but then again it's Cartier. You're paying for the brand.
    If I had to make the choice, I'd go for the Cartier Love bracelet. Hermes Clic-Clacs are lovely but they're in a different league, not to mention different price brackets too. To me, they're more like costume jewellery. Cartier, on the other hand, is a real piece of jewellery, much more timeless than the Clic Clac.
  3. Of the 2, I would rather have a single Cartier Love bracelet than a few Clic-Clacs. From the way you've phrased your post, it seems like if you buy the Clic-clacs, you'll still want the Love bracelet anyway so you may as well just get it if you can afford it.

    They are both classic, since Hermes is known for their enamel bracelets, and Cartier has had the Love collection since the 70s.

    If you want "impact" though, you'll always get more of a statement with costume jewelry. With the love bracelet, you're paying for the name and weight of the 18K gold. With the clic-clacs, you're also paying for the Hermes name (the no name enamels are far less!) but there are no precious metals in it.
  4. I also think if you buy the Hermes, you will still want the Cartier. Do you know current price of YG Love bracelet that you want?
  5. well, for both you are paying for the design and the reputation of the house. i say go with the love bracelet because it is real gold and you sound like you really want one. maybe later on slowly build your hermes bangle collection with one design at a time that you like.
  6. I have both and wear them together every chance I can. If you have means to do it you should get both! If not, get the Cartier first. :tup:
    Photo 229.jpg
  7. ^^ I think the Cartier should come first. That is a classic iconic piece. Hope to be an owner of that beauty one day, sigh.
  8. Cartier, Cartier, Cartier! I have the Love bracelet and I well- love it!
  9. BellaBoo - Your Cartier & Hermes look great together! I have the Cartier rose cuff and #66 tomate clic bracelet but haven't worn together yet. Does the Hermes sometimes go over the Cartier switching places on your wrist? Do you think the Hermes causes any extra scratches being worn so close to the Cartier?
  10. ^^ I suppose it causes scratches, but I wear the Cartier above the Hermes (because it is lighter in weight). The Hermes usually falls down over the wrist bone while the cartier will stay suspended up on my wrist (I push it up). I put them closer together in the pic for reference. Hope that helps.
  11. I just realized that I can't wear together because my clic has the palladium and my Cartier is rose gold. I like how yours match. I guess I can eventually get another Hermes which would be a lot less expensive than another Cartier!
  12. Thanks so much all of you for your input!

    Well, the YG love bracelet is - as you are all aware - very expensive...

    From what I have calculated, a single YG love bracelet roughly equals 6 or 7 (maybe more?) Hermes bracelets...

    I wonder if it really is worth that much money when you think that in the same price range you could get a piece of really stunning jewelry in another brand (say Bulgari earrings)?

    Is it because of all the advertisments that so many wish they had the love bracelet? I've seen it worn and find it very pretty... Yet when you think about it, it is just PLAIN YG...

    What is tempting with the clic-clacs is that you can easily change colors to match what you wear, and it could add a really nice touch!

    Hmmm. Difficult question hehe :smile:

    At the end of the day what would you do:
    Get ONE love bracelet?
    Save a bit more and get something a bit more original (suggestions welcome?)
    Buy several pieces of costume jewelry and enjoy the fact you can wear something "new" everyday?

    Here's what Hermes bracelets I have:

  13. Hello it's me again! :biggrin: Now replying to your comment. seems to me that i'd suit you better to get the Hermes one...and then some more. I think you'd totally regret it if you got the Cartier Love bracelet based on the reasoning that you gave. I mean, it's very logical but get what would suit your needs. If you're torn over both of them...just get both of them!
  14. A jeweler recently told me that the love bangles are machine made and really not worth much more than the gold's weight... from a cost perspective. So you are paying a thousands purely for the cartier stamp.

    Im not familiar with the technique that Hermes uses to MAKE clics but i imagine it takes some more time to put in the inset of leather (im assuming the metal frame is made simialrly to the cartier)

    it's really apples and oranges though... i actually like the idea of a good bracelt but at the same time i woudl never buy anything from the love collection.

    just my 2 cents
  15. I would go for the cartier love bangle hands down rather than the H.