Cartier Love Bracelet...too much trouble??

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  1. Hi all!

    I've been considering a love bracelet but was wondering about a few things:

    - Do you shower with it?
    - Do you sleep with it on?
    - Do you find it scratches easily?
    - Is it annoying to type with (assuming you work in an office on the computer majority of the time)?
    - Any general complaints?

    It's such a gorgeous piece but personally I don't really think it's worth it unless I wear it all the time. Please share your thoughts!

  2. The Love bracelet (screw on one) is meant to be worn all the time.
    - So yes to the shower and sleeping with it on.
    - Mine has fine scratches all over it, but so does most of my jewelry over time.
    - I have no problems typing with it
    - In terms of complaints, other than the price, nothing really! It took me a little while to getting used to sleeping with it on, but otherwise I like it.
  3. I want one so badly!!! Such an amazing piece!
  4. I have the cuff so you can remove it. Perhaps that might be a better option for you. I sometimes think I want the WG bangle that stays on all the time. But it is almost $4400 now. My friend says I should buy a replica from QVC!
  5. I have had my bracelet on for just about 1 year now. I do everything with it on no problem. Mine has scratches but mainly on the bottom and not the top. I find that you can hardly see them. I put mine on my left wrist even though i am a righty so it would get banged up less! I never feel it on my wrist and it is definitely not annoying! If your going to wear it all the time i say get it!
  6. I visited the WG Love tonight. It is TDF! If I had the funds, I would have purchased on the spot.
  7. I don't find putting the bracelet on and off annoying, but my husband does (he has to help me)! It was however his idea that I take it off each time so that his precious gift to me won't get scratched!
  8. Thanks ladies! I didn't realize there was a cuff version - I only knew of the screw one.

    Hmmm - bextasy - your thought to put it on your left is a good one, except i've always put my watch on that wrist...

    I think I'll have to reconsider for now. At this point $4,400 is quite a bit for a piece that I consider lovely/divine but that is essentially paying for the Cartier name...probably something to reconsider when I'm more established and married...and when DH can afford it. :graucho: although with all the price increases it'll probably be $10K or something when THAT happens! yeesh.
  9. I have the wg one and it really is a lovely piece, it was a present from DH, it does have a few marks from wear, I have had it over a year and I wear it everyday and only took it off from my wedding, I forget it is there. Cartier are also able to clean it up when you need and want to. I say if you can go for it!!
  10. I love mine, wear it everyday w/ no problems.
  11. LilTiffany I always had my watch on that hand to but I switched it because of the bracelet.
  12. amazing bracelet... I would deff get it
  13. took me weeks to get use to wearing it.... felt like i was a

    but i got use to . been wearing it 6 months or so. and i love it.

    .... it has super ficial scratches.... but you can hardly notice them.
  14. I feel exactly the same way abut hermes bags, love them so much and i COULD afford it but im soon going to be taking on a mortgage so i have to prioritize... but when i am in the financial position to afford a birkin/kelly there will be so many price increases it will seem almost a rip off, i already find it difficult ot justfity the price in perspective.
  15. I just read on an old thread that the WG bracelet (no diamonds) cost $4200 in July 2008. Now it is $4450 plus tax. That is a big increase over 6 months. At this rate, it'll be over $5000 until I get it!!!!