Cartier Love Bracelet...too much trouble??

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  1. Hi all!

    I've been considering a love bracelet but was wondering about a few things:

    - Do you shower with it?
    - Do you sleep with it on?
    - Do you find it scratches easily?
    - Is it annoying to type with (assuming you work in an office on the computer majority of the time)?
    - Any general complaints?

    It's such a gorgeous piece but personally I don't really think it's worth it unless I wear it all the time. Please share your thoughts!

    TIA! :tup:
  2. Funny that you brought it up because I had the same thoughts after I tried on the Love bracelet yesterday. It's a nice concept of being 'handcuffed' to love 24/7, but personally I don't like wearing my jewellery when I shower or go to bed. So I decided to cross it out from my list.
  3. I bought one for my wife for our 5th wedding anav. We got the one that is alternating diamonds and screws, yellow gold. She has been wearing it ever since, almost 2 years and has no plans to take it off. She was very aware of it for the first couple of weeks, less so for the fisrt 6 months, now she doesn't even think about it. The SA, who also wears one, said this would be how it would be. We debated on her right or left, and ended up on her right so it will be seen more. It does clank on the desk when she writes or types, but it's no big deal. It's getting very scratched, but that's part of the beauty, in my estimation. Many people have asked her about it, and been very interested that it doesn't come off. She also wears other jewelery that stays on all the time, so she's always 'dressed' even in the shower! I may get one too one of these days.
  4. where did the rest of these replies go?
  5. I'm the type who removes all jewelery when I come home except earrings and my love bracelet. I have had the white gold one w alternating screws and diamonds since last summer.
    So I shower with it and sleep with it and it doesn't bother me at all.
    The thing is that you should buy a fairly snug fit (like they'll recommend) and it won't bother you when typing etc.
    Sometimes I wake up with screw marks on my arm and the bracelet as far up on my arm is it goes, but it is ok...