Cartier Love Bracelet sizing - help please!

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Which size should I get for my Love bracelet?

  1. Size 16

  2. Size 17

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Mar 30, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2016
    Hi everyone,

    I am buying a YG Love soon but I just need help choosing a size... I cannot, for the life of me, decide on one! Both fit and are both comfortable. Size 16 cannot rotate on my wrist, whereas size 17 can. Size 16 goes about maximum 2-2.5 inches up my arm (towards shoulder), and size 17 goes up about 3-3.5 inches. I am afraid that if I choose size 16, it will be uncomfortable in the summer when it's hot. But, if I choose size 17, apparently that can lead to more scratching/banging because it's looser. Unfortunately, the SA was not very helpful and did not offer any suggestions.

    What kind of fit did you Love bracelet owners choose and why?

    I've attached 2 photos of size 16 in this post. I will attach photos of size 17 in the next post!

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  2. Here are 3 photos of size 17!

    Attached Files:

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  3. I am thinking the same thing as you, 16 maybe too tight during the warm summer months. Did your SA make any recommendations?
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  4. No, she wasn't very helpful :shucks: I even asked if she had any recommendations - she just said "everyone is different." :hrmm::wondering
  5. I think the 17 might be best. 16 looks kinda tight
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  6. Agree...size 17
  7. Mine fits like 17 on you, and can fall down 3 inches when raising my arm. It doesn't scratch much as I thought it would. So size 17 gets my vote.
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  8. I just got one and mine fits like the 16 fits on you. It's not too tight and does not move much. It also does not rotate on my wrist. Mine is quite comfortable and I forget that it is there. It will just depend on what is most comfortable to you. Good luck on your decision!!!
  9. My vote goes to size 16
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  10. Mind fits like your 17, mine can just rotate on my wrist. Very comfortable and it doesn't get banged around all that much
  11. #11 Mar 30, 2016
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    The SA is right ~ it is different for everyone! Some people like a tighter fit and others like looser. I can rotate my bracelet but it doesn't turn on its own ~ I wouldn't like it if it did.

    It really is a personal preference ~ if you usually wear your bracelets looser I would go with the 17, if you generally like a snugger fit go with the smaller. You really can't go wrong with either because both look like they are a good fit for you.

    ETA ~ after looking at the photo's again I like the size 16 on you better. I feel like the 17 looks a little too big ~ IMO.
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  12. I vote for size: 17. It looks more comfortable and during the hot months you can get sweaty or swell a little and I think it would look even tighter. When in doubt always go up. My SA knew my size instantly by looking at my wrist and finger. I tried the smaller one and she was right. I didn't want a red line on my skin.

    It looks fabulous on you just be comfortable! :smile:
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  13. Another vote for the 16, but I like a tighter fit. I agree with others that they both look great on you!
  14. If you plan to wear it with a watch, then I would suggest to wear the watch and see which size looks better with it.
    However, if you prefer to wear it alone then I would vote for size 16 again.
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  15. I vote for the 17 as well because mine fits similarly and is perfect for me.

    I like the very fitted look, but if your arm swells a bit in summer, or if you gain weight, the screw closure on the inside might become uncomfortable and dig into your arm. It doesn't look too loose on you either, so it shouldn't slide around and knock into things.