Cartier Love Bracelet sizing and fit

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Which fit do you prefer for the love bracelet

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    Tight fit

    119 vote(s)
  2. Loose fit

    115 vote(s)
  3. Went for loose fit, now I wish I had tight fit

    16 vote(s)
  4. Went for tight fit, now I wish I had loose fit

    29 vote(s)
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  1. Just curious--any pics of how TPF gals wear their Cartier love bracelets...

    I have been trying to locate pics of how celebrities or others wear theirs and how loose or tight it should be but been having trouble finding many good pics...

    I know Cartier says it should be somewhat tight and as long as it can fit over your wrist bone, it is good enough but I was torn between size 16 and size 17 since the 16 goes over my wrist bone fine but I guess compared to traditional bangles and bracelets which are ALWAYS too loose and big on me...this Love bracelet in a size 16 feels a tad small and I started worrying if I ever got chubbier wrists or something LOL...

    So please tell me if Im being paranoid or if anyone has pics of how the bracelet sits on their wrist or how fitted it should be, that would be great...Id post pics but no camera for me this week...If I get ahold of my friends I will post pics though...
  2. I also want to know, I have the same questions
  3. I began a new thread recently about the Cartier Love bangle on Reese Witherspoon. Someone found a picture of it and you can see it on p.2 or maybe do a search of Cartier Love on Reese. Hers looks a little on the bigger side as it goes further up her arm. My cuff is a size 17 which just fits on wrist and does not go up as far as Reese's bangle.
  4. I have a pretty small wrist and i have a size 17 on. i was worried if i got a 16 it would be semi annoying because it wouldn't be able to move a lot. I never feel mine on my wrist anymore. you just get totally used to it! mine can slide almost half way up my arm and its the perfect size!
  5. i like it to be fitted, i tried the 17 and its a bit too big IMHO, it could flip around my wrist, and move half way up my arm. I don't like wearing my bracelet that way and it kinda lost its original idea "constrained", LOL!!!!
  6. I have the 16 and it is snug, but I am so happy I didn't go bigger. I was in the store and a fellow customer overheard me talking with the SA re the same question and she advised go smaller--she went bigger and deeply regretted it. I wholeheartedly agree. But I guess it also depends on what you are wearing it with and on which wrist? I wear it at all times during all activities. I also usually wear my watch with it. If do the same the snugness is also important so it doesn't go over your watch ad scratch it. Hope this helps.
    Good luck,
  7. Here's mine a 17, I like to wear it on the loose side, so I can take on and off (IF I have too):smile:

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  8. I wear a size 16 after trying on both 16 and 17.

    With 16, it is snug for a bangle, but sometimes, it manages to turn round and round my wrist even though it is ecliptical.
  9. I have a 17 and went to the Cartier store to have it fitted. The salesperson told me you are not supposed to be able to turn it over on your wrist... the fit is intended to be tighter. I am used to bigger bangles, so it felt strange, but I went his his suggestion. Usually its fine, but it does gets stuck up on my arm and cuts into me alot, so I feel like I'm often pulling it back down to my wrist. I sometimes wish it were floppier on my wrist. Everyone I know who has one has a similar fit to mine, though... tighter.
  10. I wear mine looser (size 17) like Reese Witherspoon in 4 Christmases... mine sits further down on my arm than "thegraceful1's" pic posted. I prefer a looser fit. It's loose enough to flip around my arm. I fit the 16 but didn't like the "just fit" look. I wear it on the opposite arm from my watch so I don't worry about it going over.

    It's a personal preference when DH went to get me fitted for it.
  11. I have a 16 and IT STILL turns on my wrist. I spoke w/ the salesperson and it should'nt be able to turn on your wrist. If it's too loose you'll be more likely to scratch it, even if it is plated with rhodium.

    Sadly, I've had mine for 2 weeks and a HUGE scratch is on it already. DO you think they'll fix that as a courtesy since I only got it 2 weeks ago!? Might I mention I have the diamond rhodium plated verison
  12. i was sized twice with a 17 and once with a 16.

    well when i actually bought it i got a 16. i was scared at first....but i have grown to love the snugness of it.

    i can turn it sometimes... its funny. it tells me what days i am retaining water and such.. hehe.

    .... but i always thought about if i got chubby or so i figured.. if that ever happens.. its time to upgrade to diamonds...LOL
  13. I have one Cartier cuff in rose gold. I think it is 17 size. For those of you that wear two next to each other, do you wear same size for both?
  14. good question.. because one would be on the fatter part of your arm.
  15. I have both the cuff and bangle, one in yellow gold and another one in rose gold, both size 16, and they look great together! I feel the cuff is slightly smaller than the bangle.
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