Cartier love bracelet REVEAL!

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  1. beautiful

  2. I had the same thing happen to me this past Sunday. My boyfriend JUST bought it for me for our two year anniversary (Wed) and on the Sunday, the bracelet , gold with Diamonds , just fell off my wrist. We had a busy day of brunch and shopping and I didn't notice it gone till later in the day. I cant tell you how my heart broke in a million pieces. I drove to every single place and looked everywhere spoke to managers sent emails. I mean HOW does this happen with what is suppose to be a QUALITY product? at $11,000 and not even a week old it has been devastating to me.

    My boyfriend is going to go back to the store and explain the situation and I am hoping they will see we are good and honest people.

    Do any of you ladies have any advice for me? I am heart broken and feel utterly robbed of something that meant SO much and I was so happy to have received. I cried even!!

    Please help.
  3. OMG this happened to me today!!! :sad: :sad: My one month old YG one FELL off my wrist (see my post!) while bike riding and I didn't notice until I got home... it's gone! I'm so so upset, please let's all stay in touch here and let me know what Cartier says/does for you... this has got to stop. It is so awful. They have to stand behind their product. I'm so sorry this happened to you too - I feel your pain 1000%. :sad: :sad:
  4. What????? Omg they have to help you that is unbelievable!
  5. I'm sitting here shaking my head that this can happen. It's like saying Hermes bags fall apart if they get a tiny bit wet or something... this is so not right...

    Well my boyfriend went back to Cartier with all paperwork in hand and told our story. NOTHING was done. ZERO. The SA said Cartier does not offer exchanges, replacements, discounts or sales - EVER.

    The only thing offered was a piece of advice that maybe we could claim it on our homeowners insurance.
    So as not to let me down he bought me another of which I am now in CONSTANT state of anxiety over.

    I have done extensive research on this topic and there hundreds of stories of these bracelets falling off. Doesn't Cartier understand that these are momentous GIFTS????

    We can not believe they do NOTHING for their customer .
    I think I read it best when an upset husband wrote something to the effect of "Cartier is an old luxury label who hides behind its history and image. They are not purveyors of fine goods - that's a lark . What they are great at is marketing and product placement NOT making quality products."

    That is exactly true. They have no remorse or sympathy for the hundreds of people who have broken product. There is no recourse or remedy available.
    We wont be purchasing anything more from Cartier that's for sure.
    He bought me another to please me because it s symbolism is so precious, but the product itself has shoddy workmanship for certain. Just LOOK at all the testimonials.
  7. I hope you are planning to insure your new bracelet.
    I feel for anyone losing such an expensive and meaningful piece. Insurance will certainly take the sting out should anything ever happen. That's what it's for.
  8. That sucks. I'm surprised your bf bothered buying another one. It's like he is supporting Cartier's decision and business. I'd be paranoid too wearing another one. I would have rather put that money on a Van Cleef bangle instead. But then Van Cleef is owned by Cartier.
  9. I don't mean to be rude, but i must clarify what you wrote as it is incorrect. Van Cleef is not owned by Cartier. Both Cartier and Van Cleef is owned by the Richemont group. As to not confuse other people.
  10. No worries. :smile: Just repeated what the SA at Van Cleef told me. Guess she was misinformed too.
  11. So amazing!
  12. Congrats on your love bracelet! Saving here to get one soon
  13. I am so happy to find this forum. I received a new YG Love bracelet for Mothers day and it fell off last night- GONE! Wore it for 6 days. Am sick over it. I called Cartier this morning to see if they have had other people have this happen to then, and the manager said "not that I'm aware of". I filed a police report. By finding this forum, I might seek legal action. Has anyone had success at Cartier? Is there other information out there that can help me?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    So sad.....
  14. Rose Gold is a personal preference...but really OP - its a personal preference. If you changed your mind last minute, then the YG was meant to be for you! :smile:
  15. omg, we have the same bracelet and BAG too (i noticed) haha
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