Cartier love bracelet REVEAL!

  1. I never thought I would ever own anything from Cartier! Most of my jewelry is from Tiffany... But I recently decided that I have to have a love bracelet before the price goes up again!

    So here it is

    I had such a difficult time choosing between yellow gold and rose gold! My initial instinct was yellow gold because I love the pop of brightness! However, my sister and friend really liked the rose gold... After thinking on it for a few days I went back to my local Cartier boutique with my mind set on purchasing the rose gold. But when I saw the yellow gold again, I changed my mind at the last minute and purchased that one!

    I don't plan on actually putting it on until my birthday in May so I have some time in case I want to exchange... And I would like some input from everyone...

    For those of you with the yellow gold love, do you ever wish you had gotten the rose gold instead? Do you find the yellow gold to be too much to wear 24/7? I don't really wear yellow gold jewelry so do you think it would clash with my platinum engagement ring/wedding band as I plan to wear it on my left wrist?
  2. it is not super big so ok to wear daily even with the yellow gold. What size is yours?
  3. Yay! Congrats! So pretty and shiny! I have a YG Love and wear it on my left hand as well. I have diamond and platinum ER and WB and I still think its beautiful together. I never considered the RG because all of my jewelry is WG and some with little hints of YG so for me YG was the only choice. Plus, I just fell In love with the YG! Good luck! You have so much willpower to wait till May!
  4. I ended up getting it in size 16... Could've gotten size 17 but I didn't want it to be sliding up and down my arm too much!
  5. Thank you! I wasn't even considering rose gold at first either but when I actually went to the boutique I mistook the rose gold for the yellow gold! It wasn't until I looked at them side by side that I could really tell the difference! Haha May is starting to feel awfully far away!! But it works out well because my birthday is my last day of work (I'm a teacher) and then I'll be on summer break so now I have multiple things to look forward to!!!
  6. So pretty! Love the gold! How much does it cost now, if you don't mind me asking?

    Congrats on your new bling :smile:
  7. Thank you!!! =)

    It costs $5850 but my SA said that there will be a price increase on April 29th... Not sure how much it will be after the increase but she said it's a pretty big one... Almost 10%!
  8. Congratulations!! I just got a yg as well. I debated on getting the rg but my wedding set is plat and all of my other jewelry is either white or yellow. I was afraid the rose would clash with what I have. I've had mine almost a week now and haven't taken it off. I LOVE it. The yg looks great and is classic!!

    Enjoy your new love!!
  9. I was gung ho on the yellow gold but last minute I switched to rosé gold and I'm glad I did. This bracelet is industrial looking to a degree so I like how it softens the look in rosé gold. Also I prefer white gold Nd rose gold together instead of wg and yg
  10. Initially I wanted the RG because it looks softer, however it looks pale on me and YG is so much better on my skin tone. I don't regret getting YG as I heard it's the classic LOVE bracelet :smile:. Congratulations on your bracelet!
  11. Congrats! I have the yellow gold and have never looked back ;) Love it!
  12. I have yellow gold and no regrets!
  13. Wow! well good thing you got it already! :smile:
  14. Glad to hear that so many of you love your yellow gold love bracelets! I don't even know which one matches my skin tone better... The SA that helped me seemed to think the rose gold matches me better but something about the yellow gold stood out to me!
  15. YG would be my #1 choice! Congrats!!!