Cartier love bracelet Milan, Italy price?

  1. I plan to visit Milan, Italy soon.
    Could you let me know the price of Love bracelet? How about the detax rate?
    Specifically I am looking for 4 p diamond rose gold and WG plain one.
    Is there anyone knows the email of milan, Italy store?
    Is it cheaper in Italy or should I buy in US?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. The yg Love bracelet without diamonds costs 4600 euro.
    Sorry,but I don't think Italy is more cheaper than US
  3. You can go on the Cartier website and they will email you the cost of the items that you are after.

    You just have to fill in a short form and say what country you are from - well in your case, pretend you are from Italy to get their current price. You can then compare it to the US price.
  4. starlettina and peppermint tea
    Thank you so much for your answer.
    Sad to hear that euro price is not lower than us one.
    Then what should I buy in Milan? How about VCA?
  5. What about in france ? plain YG love bracelet, how much?