Cartier Love Bracelet - Half Diamonds 6 or 4?

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  1. Hi...... I saw a lovely 2nd hand Cartier Love Bracelet today with half diamonds. There were 6 diamonds on the bracelet altogether, whereas I understand that the newer models come with 4 diamonds.

    Does anyone know when did Cartier reduce the number of diamonds (for the half diamond bracelet) from 6 to 4?

    Which do you think is the better buy/ prettier? To get a newer model with fewer diamonds, or an older model with 6 diamonds? The older model happens to be slightly cheaper than the newer 4 diamond model simply because it is an older design, but both bracelets are in excellent condition as they have recently been sent for polishing.

    Appreciate your help and advice. TIA.
  2. Hmm that would be the deciding factor on why I would be getting the older model..:yes:
  3. ^ITA!!!:yes:
  4. Thanks keodi and Swanky Mama of Three. I have the piece (6 diamonds) reserved for me for 1 week. Didn't have the guts to close the transaction today.
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  5. More diamonds + better price? I would go with the slightly older one without question. :tup:
  6. Me too i would go with the older one with more diamonds!!!
  7. Thanks greenpixie and bextasy. I really do appreciate your views and taking the time to reply. The shop is keeping the 6 diamond WG love bracelet for me until next Wednesday! I am thinking about it non-stop!

    I really wanted DH to get me this love bracelet, and he said he would if I really wanted it. I do - but I think I will purchase it myself (who cares what they say about not getting the love bracelet yourself)! He also mentioned that this is not a piece of jewellery which he would naturally select for me (without me urging him to do so) as it is not practical, and I do not wear jewellery (really)! Maybe the cartier love bracelet will change all that!