Cartier Love Bracelet EPIC FAIL

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  1. That awful lucky you caught it ,hopefully won't happen again
  2. Thank you @Kindness3 for your advice. I asked my SA about offering me an exchange for my PG Rainbow Love bracelet and I exchanged it for YG JUC so I don't have it go through this repeatedly. Here is my current stack:
  3. I bought a ❤️Bracelet today and was told the following regarding securing the bracelet : turn one screw halfway, other screw full, then back to full on first screw. Says otherwise, it doesn’t lock.
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  4. Omg I just got my YG 4 diamonds recently and I haven't got any issues yet. My SA put that on for me and said I should check after a week on the screws. I hope mine are tight.
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  5. Very welcome looks amazing stacked :heart:
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  6. So sorry to hear of all the issues. I have been wearing mine for four years and no issues at all.
  7. I’m so sorry to hear this, but thank you for sharing. You (and others) have convinced me to get the Love Cuff if I buy this piece of jewelry.
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  8. Keep in mind this forum is a fraction of the people buying the love bracelet. Majority are living their lives with no issues.

    However, I’m sure you made the best decision for you. Congrats!
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  9. The fact that I like to remove my jewelry daily and that I’ve heard so many issues with the screws on the classic love made me opt for the cuff. I’m so happy I did.
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  10. I totally understand. I think I prefer to have a piece I can take off most nights. I do love the look of the bracelet though!
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