Cartier Love Bracelet EPIC FAIL

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  1. I had the same thing happen to me too .only one screw wouldn't stay tight, it was brand new love bracelet,I called cartier after service and explain what was happen .they said send it back to have head jewelry look at it after one week I received another replaced brand new love.i guess they realized that it wasnt working properly. I wear three loves all the time never have had any more problems since .I would send it back to the workshop where you live as soon as you can.sooner you send it back depending on how long in between purchase will play big part on exchange it for new one ,good luck
  2. Thank you Kindness this is really helpful. Who did you call? Like did reach out to your original SA? Or did you call someone else. My SA is saying they can have the screws replaced. I’ve had the bracelet for about 2 months now.
  3. I actually had the Cartier sales associate put locktite when I went in complaining about it getting loose. She was very generous with the locktite. This was a few months ago and so far no problems. I also have another bangle that I wear with it as well. I can't even imagine the devastation of losing a love bracelet.
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  4. Can someone please advise me on what counts as faulty? My love with 4 diamonds fell off a few months after I bought it, thankfully I was in my room. I took it to Cartier and the SA asked me if I stack it with other bracelets and I said no, she then said to me in any case you are meant to tighten the screws every 4-5 days. I had no idea about this, I bought the bracelet in HK and the SA there certainly didn't mention anything about it. My screws start loosening every 2-3 weeks I would say (I do sometimes stack it with others now), I try to tighten it every time I remember. Is this normal? Thanks! x
  5. If you stack it with other bracelets, the screws may loose. Did you ever try loctite. They always have it at the Cartier boutique. You can go and request the SA to put some on your bracelet.
  6. I am glad I came across this thread. I have to tighten my screws every week and I thought it because I had somehow damaged my bracelet.

    It's reassuring to learn that we are supposed to tighten them. Still irritating though!
  7. My sympathies goes to the original poster. I am very sorry. After ready this thread, I am terrified that I will lose mine. I just got my 3rd Love with 10 diamond and literally my dh just help me putting it on tonight. My two Love are old screw system so I never had any problem with it. I golf a lot so i have a lot of movements. I am gonna to take that 3rd love in new lock system off until I order the Loctite.
  8. Just go to a Cartier boutique nearby, they always have loctite at the back.
  9. Hi,
    I recently bought 2 Love bracelets - YG classic and PG rainbow. Both of them were coming apart completely even within a day and when I sent them to Cartier repair service, they adjusted the symmetry and replaced the screws. I have had them back from repair service for about 3 days now .The YG is fine now but one of the screws in PG rainbow becomes loose. Should I send the PG for repair again or try loctite? Also can somebody send me link of which Loctite to buy and how to use it? There is no Cartier in my state :sad:
    Also, Cartier sucks in customer service - I pay $15K for 2 bracelets and when I call them to tell it doesnt stay on, they tell me to ship it back myself to look into it. I had to tell them it was only 2 weeks old and it is not my fault and then they agreed to give me free shipping label one-time.Really????!!!
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  10. If I was you I would call customer service after sales service explain to them they are only two weeks old and you want them to replace both if them ,for the money you paid it should have never happen and to replace screws wasn't right either they should give new bracelets all together ,
  11. I called aftey
    I called after service customer service, they are very helpful on addressing your concerns
  12. My SA kept telling me it was normal and customer service is the one who took care of it- sending to NY headquarters, replacing screws/adjustments. I am not sure if they will replace the whole bracelet though.
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  13. This morning I after I done the dishes, I checked my bracelet again and noticed that one of the screw got loose. This is just putting on less than 48 hours ago and I did not do physical exercises or sport. I tightened up this morning and went on with my day. I went the driving range this late afternoon and hit 30 balls and a few chippings. I made and ate dinner and I checked my bracelet again and this time it’s open in one side. IMG_5004.JPG

    I got this as preloved 3 weeks ago. We don’t have Cartier boutique in my State. I just sent this bracelet Cartier boutique outside of my state to have them look at the lock because it got stuck because when dh unscrew too much out when I trying it the first time. It’s cost quite a bit to overnight and fully insured. The manager was able to get it screw and unscrew so it didn’t need to send to NY. Now it has issue of not staying locked.
  14. Just my two cents, but when the bracelets bang together, they loosen. Maybe some Loctite on that bracelet.
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  15. They might never know until you try