Cartier Love Bracelet EPIC FAIL

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  1. I don't know what to say - It's always worked for me. Did you use the purple? I normally apply it with the tip of a toothpick and wet the threads all the way around with just a little 'dab'. Maybe what you got was old and partially dried up?
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  2. I used the purple one, it was brand new. The only thing I can think of is maybe I didn’t apply enough or maybe I didnt wait long enough before I ran it through water. Is there a “cure” time for the glue? All the other screws on my three loves haven’t moved, so just the one on the bracelet that is in the middle of my stack. I put some more loctite on it, hopefully that will do it!
  3. How soon after application did you get it wet? That might be the issue, I believe it takes about 24 hours to fully set.
  4. To be honest i dont Remember. I have two young children and wash my hands very frequently as well as bathe them. So perhaps the one screw didn’t cure enough and came loose. Either that or I just didn’t put enough. Will see how this application goes!
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  5. It happened again! Same screw came loose again. Not sure what to do now. Loctite again?
  6. Do you have a boutique nearby? Maybe ask them to take a look of it. I wear 3 loves and with no issues even without loctite.
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    Unfortunately, No I Dont’t. But I am heading to Vegas in a few weeks, and I am planning to stop in to have them take a look. My Sa said they can send it in to replace the screws. Not really sure how that whole process works. Do you tighten your screws every day?
  8. Just be careful and keep an eye on your bracelet before that.
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  9. Yeah, my friend wears three love bracelets and I guess them hitting against each other loosened the screw on one and it fell off! Of course she never found it. Sorry:sad:
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  10. Yes, 100% agree! Thank you for sharing that tip a few weeks back! On the second day I got my second love it fell off! Then you told me about loctite and I haven’t had a problem since then
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  11. I will! Debating taking it off or not. But it is just the one screw, the other one hasn’t budged. All the screws on the other bracelets are fine too. How often do you tighten the screws on your bracelets?
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  12. Omg that would be awful! Hoping that doesn’t happen to me. I need To insure these bracelets asap just in case i think.
  13. Never, I also wonder how can it be. The screws don't move at all.

    My hubby did it and he tied 1 screw a little bit, then went to the other one, also tied it a little bit and then repeated until the screws were tight enough. Maybe you can try this method.
  14. This is typically how i tighten My screws too! I dont Have an issue with the other ones. Haha my success rate is 5 outta 6 screw. I will Have them check it out while I’m there and tighten it and loctite it and see how it goes from there. If that doesn’t work I will have to send it out to replace the screws i guess. :shocked:
  15. Oh! Then there must be some problems with that screw. Hope that they can fix it for you.