Cartier Love Bracelet EPIC FAIL

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  1. Are you thinking about a Cartier Love Bracelet? DON'T DO IT!!!! My dream stack was 2 Love bracelets & 1 or 2 JUC. My Husband purchased 2 Love Bracelets & later I got my JUCs I sent both Love bracelets back because the screws wouldn't stay tight. They sent me 1 new 1 & I exchanged the other for a Ecrou bracelet. 1 of my original Love bracelets fell off at Target & I found half in the cart & finally found the other half in my trunk. So, they sent me another 1. I bought them all at the Rodeo Drive boutique. I took the Love & Ecrou both in to the NYC store to have them put it on to make sure it was done correctly. This was on 7/07/17. I checked the screws religiously. Then, I noticed the wknd b4 Labor Day, the screws were starting to loosen again. I went to the ATL store on Sept 4, 2017 to get them to look at it. (I tightened it that morning). The store was closed for Labor Day. On the way to a football game, when we got to the stadium, some1 complimented me on my bracelets. To my horror, my Love was GONE!!!!!!!! I've filed a police report & Cartier tells me they will let me know if some1 brings it in to a boutique (yeah right, like some1 will turn it in)! I'm soooo furious, upset, pissed off & in disbelief that a piece of jewelry that costs $7000 just falls off!!!!!!! I'm just now reading all the issues everyone else has had!!!! Cartier says you are not suppose to wear multiple bracelets together because they can (bang together & loosen the screws). WTF?!?!? That's how everyone wears them!!!!! I wonder how I'm the heck all these celebs wear all these Love bracelets all stacked? I didn't have insurance before this happened on my bracelets. Thinking the only thing that could happen is if our house was broken into & we have a top of the line security system. So I wasn't worried about that. But, never dreamed I'd have to worry about it falling off my wrist after it was SCREWED on!!!! Not sure what the next step is. But, I assure u I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER LOVE BRACELET! Nor would I EVER recommend any1 else buying 1!!!!!!!!!! RIDIC!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm sorry this happened to you! I find it strange that some customers have issues, while others like myself, have not. I had my love bracelet put on by the sales associate when I bought it 3 years ago, and have never had an issue
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  3. I am sorry this happened. I have been wearing my love bracelets from years, no issues.
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    I've never had a issue with 2 diamond loves and 1 diamond juc that i wear all on one hand. I have posted this on other Cartier threads but I have them all insured and it's not expensive and your are given the current selling price if lost or stolen. I'm actually surprised you sent them back and they sent you a new one. I have multiple friends who have at least one love and have never had issues. For all the people in the world wearing love bracelets I think the few that have issues is a small percentage. I wear mine to the gym, running, tennis and beach.
  5. Oh No! The horror of the experience . Thanks for sharing it's really good to hear other's experience.
    Just out of curiosity, how does one half of the love fell off and the other half still stay on the wrist... albeit a distance away? I would imagine both halves would drop at the same time especially as you are walking?
  6. My second Love did loosen the second day I had it but I knew to look out for it and so far so good with the Loctite threadlocker. But I agree, it's ridiculous that they won't make them so they stay on but I love my Loves (no pun intended) so what do you do :doh:
  7. Has anyone had this problem with the thin/small love?
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  8. Trust me, I feel your pain! I lost my Love back in March. One morning I was wearing two Loves that evening only one. The older model I have was still on my wrist while the bracelet I purchased in 2012 had simply disappeared. Then I found out from researching this forum I wasn't alone.
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  9. I have been wearing my small 24/7 since I purchased it and it’s secure. Absolutely no issues and I have had it checked whenever I go to a Cartier Boutique
  10. I think they need to re-do the locking mechanism like the mini love bracelet! It's ridiculous to have to check if your screws are ALWAYS screwed on tight! There is a flaw obviously. The mini love is much better and can be taken off at the end of the nite for convenience. Plus, when you unlock the mini love, the hinge prevents it from opening all the way and you will notice if it unlocks cuz it will scratch your arm as I tried it on in the boutique! Although I understand the concept of the meaning of the love bracelet but I think that went out the door when they created the mini love! Sorry to hear about your loss!!!
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  11. This is the reason I'll be buying the mini LOVE bracelets this holiday season. I love the new locking mechanism. It's safe and I can always take it off whenever I want with much ease. Also, there's the hinge, so your bangle won't ever come apart in 2.

    Sorry to hear about other people's bad experiences. It must be frustrating.
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  12. Which insurance company do you use? I have renters insurance but would like to take a seperate policy out for jewelry. Thx in advance!
  13. Jewelers Mutual-they insure my loves, juc, engagement ring and watches.
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  14. Thank you!
  15. That's horrible! I'm sorry you had to go through that!