Cartier LOVE bracelet Discussion

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  1. I personally would wear it on my dominant hand because I don't want to ruin my MOP vca bracelet or charm bracelet. I would push up the love bangle a little farther down on my wrist so it wouldn't get in the way.
  2. I wear mine on my non dominant hand. I like it with my wedding rings and don't want the extra wear and tear my dominant would add.
  3. I love this thread I could talk about the love of love all the time

  4. Yes, I wear a trinity and gold love together. I really like the look. My love has a looser fit than most people wear. I think there are some photos of members wearing the two together. I am in the process of moving so I took my love off, otherwise I would post a pic for you.
  5. Thanks dbeech, I would love to see a picture once you're settled in. I did a search and haven't found anything, but would love to see. Good luck with the move!
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, if any one saw the Kardashians in the DR episode did you notice that both the brother and Scott the father of the child had love bracelets? There is one scene where they are talking to each other and there is a sliver of a bracelet on both that I think is a love. Just wondering.
  7. Yes they all wear cartier love bracelets minus Kim. Kourtney, Khloe, Scott, Rob, Kendal and Kylie
  8. Yes they all do wear them! The sister Kourtney has two, one for Scott and the other she says was given by her Mother when she had her son Mason. So I'm sure she'll end up with another soon being that she's preggo!
  9. Ugh I wish I didn't know that the kardashians had love bracelets. Oh well, at least Kim doesn't wear one I guess. They are so classless I hate to have anything that is associated with them in any way.
  10. ^ +1
  11. Hi ladies,

    I have a RG Love (plain) and would like to add another one to my collection. I would wear the other Love on my other hand, so that I have a Love on each wrist.

    I am wondering which one to choose:

    Plain YG Love bangle or YG Love bangle with four diamonds

    What would you do?
  12. I think either one would look fine!
    I love the classic look of no diamonds but since you have the rg without diamonds why not go for the one with diamonds?!?

    Just curious but why don't you want to stack them ?
    Good luck with your decision .
  13. Thanks for your answer!

    I am leaning more toward the diamond one although I also love the look of the plain Love. But since I already have one...

    I don't want to stack them because I don't really like the look of it (I feel that it looks more like a big bangle than two separate ones).
  14. Since you like the plain one , how about getting it in plain and a love ring with diamonds ! :smile:
  15. Hm, that would be a nice idea ;) But strangely, I love the bangles but I am not a fan of the rings. I prefer sparkly rings covered with diamonds :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.