Cartier LOVE bracelet Discussion

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  1. Oh I love it! Thanks for sharing with us. :smile:
  2. Ahhh I guess I'll post the pics here too LOL...I know sometimes I'm lazy and hate clicking thru to new links haha

    Presenting....Cartier Love Bracelet number 4 (well, technically should be number 3 since I preordered/paid for this one first but I got it AFTER the White Gold Pave Diamond one)....


    I LOVESSSSSS it, the Rose Gold is actually growing on me and the different color stones are so pretty!!!!




  3. Awesome stacking, calisnoopy!!!
    Love love your pave love, it's gorgeous, congrats:woohoo::woohoo:
  4. dzi just gorgeous on you!!

    calisnoopy what an absolutely stunning "Love Stack"! Thank you for sharing with
  5. yahhh just posted pics, wasnt expecting the rose gold till July, so it was a nice early surprise!!

    right now all 4 are on my wrist...we'll see, cos i actually dont mind doing all 4 regularly hehe...adds something to my usually casual/comfy daily style :smile:

    so pretty!!! we're WG pave diamond black ceramic twins!!

    thanks haha...this stacking arrangement seemed to make the most sense, alternating white with yellow/rose gold

  6. Just gorgeous!! I want it now too!
  7. hehe, which one??
  8. All of them?
  9. LOL...good answer, thats the one i always say when my BF asks me to choose...i told him i was raised this a young age when my grandparents asked me which i wanted (entree, dessert, etc) i once said "BOF!" (couldn't pronounce the TH at the end of boTH) and it got such a good response from them...they encouraged me to say this all the time as a kid hahaha

    BF usually just shakes his head haha

    which Loves do you have now?
  10. :ghi5: yeah! You have stunning Love collection!!
  11. Wow! :smile: looks so yummy!!!! Can I the pave a diff shape? Looks a little bit bigger/rounder??
  12. Ahhhh so pretty! Congrats with your new addition(s). Did you buy a different size for the WG pave?
  13. Beautiful! I love the rainbow love, enjoy C!

  14. wow wow!! this is really admirable :drool:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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