Cartier LØVE Bangles & Rings Pavé Edition *Thread*

I bought my first pave love bracelet today!! Was going crazy deciding between YG and RG. Decided with YG and hope to get RG in future to stack. Also adding a pic of a ring from VCA I tried after ❤️ Love it with the bracelet:
Stunning! It looks beautiful on you. After a year, are you still in love with it? Do you wear it daily? I’d like to add this piece but I’m not sure if it’s good for everyday wear.
I hadn’t posted this when I got it, but finally got my pave and completed my stack before Christmas! It kind Of makes me sick to think how much these paves have gone up in price since they were first introduced…...ah well. At least I can rest easy now.
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It’s so pretty, congratulations! I love the thin pave in RG to match your rainbow.