Cartier Love Bangle

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  1. Hi,
    I would love your views if you could be so kind.
    I am torn between a platinum or white gold cartier love bangle.

    As you know the price for the white gold is £2,200 and the price for the platinum is £4,650.
    I have the person ready to purchase it for me because I heard it is bad luck to buy it for yourself, so that box is ticked off.

    Anyone that has the white gold, how is it holding up? Any problems with tarnishing etc?
    I am wondering if I should just suggest the platinum and not worry about the possible tarnishing?
    Any views gratefully recieved!
  2. I've had my love braclet in white gold for almost 9 months and it has not tarnished. The platinum one is heavier and imo not worth the price. Good luck with your choice:smile:
  3. Why is it bad luck to buy it yourself?
  4. Wow that might be alot more than in the US or maybe France - have you priced it there. Might be worth the trip. I think either white gold or platium would be fine - check to see if they have a warranty if the white gold gets faded.
  5. Thanks so much for your replies everyone, Koga, you have a point, thanks.
    I was totally prepared to get the love myself, I read a few posts saying that the meaning behind the love bangle is that a loved one buys it for you and the locking means that you are tied in - in a nice way of course!Lol.

    Winternight, I checked with the US cartier and the difference is massive at least £700, so it is worth making a trip of it to the states. I really miss woodbury commons in New York!
    Thanks again for your input!
  6. I would go for the white gold and maybe have the diamond version for the same price that you could get the platimum plain band?

    Platinum is a much softer metal, but I was also told that the white gold scratches far more easily than the rose and yellow gold.

    I got mine yesterday, can I show it off! I got the yellow gold with diamonds, and I am completely overwhelmed by it!. Its not my birthday until June, so I now have to wait a few weeks until its mine for good. I have been looking into getting one for ages, and like you I thought I would go for the white gold, but the diamonds did not show up quite so much, and if im paying that much more for diamonds, I wanted to ensure they could be seen ;) lol
    Piccies here :smile:

  7. Wow chloe - Babe, that is TDF, it looks amazing with the diamonds, I didnt even think about the diamonds option!!
    Enjoy wearing it, I am sure you will! Totally stunning!
  8. I would go for the Love bangle with diamonds (whichever metal color suits you best) instead of the full platinum.
  9. Sammyjoe, I don't know if you heard, but now Cartier has a cuff style. I always like options, and I do like this one as it can be a problem getting the classic bangle on and off (but that's part of the charm, of course!!).
  10. hi! :smile: i have two. :rolleyes: one yellow and one white gold with all diamonds. its with the H clic here. i love them all. but--- regarding the love bracelets. i have never taken mine off- regardless of all scratches etc.... and no yellowing on the white gold and its been on me for 2 years- yellow for 10! REALLY!:yes:

    goodluck and enjoy! hope u don't mind my pic,


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  11. ooh nice piccie suzie, the white gold and gold look really nice together :smile:
  12. Chloe Babe your new birthday pressie is fab - lucky lucky gal
  13. Thanks babe!

    i want it to be my birthday NOW!!!!
  14. LaVan, Oregon and Suzie thanks for all of your replies, Suzie, your bangles are lovely, you are lucky to have two!! I love the pic!!!

    I will let you all know what I get. In a way I hate TPF, I was content in my world before, I have my 2 watches, my LV,my paddys etc.
    Now I am getting a patek, Love Bangle, I am even considering getting a chanel Expandable!!! This is mad!!!
    I love the forum really, thanks so much for your advice!

  15. I love the love bangle, the gold is my favorite