Cartier love bangle "screw" ?

  1. Seems like there has been a style change and the newest Love bangle's screws don't come completely out. So they can't get lost. Does that mean that it will become harder to get a replacement for a screw for those of us with the older style? I have the WG plain bangle purchased a few years ago. Hopefully Cartier won't discontinue carrying replacement screws on the older style or a lot of us will be in trouble if we ever need one!
  2. I just got a love bracelet in June - it was "old" stock- meaning the screws that come completely out.

    We ordered 2 replacement screws in case I lose one but I was wondering that as should I be stocking up on the old style screws ?
  3. I lost a screw from my yg love several years back and had to send the entire bracelet to the Cartier workshop to get a replacement. I was told that lost screws are not simply replaced, the screw must be recast from the specific bracelet to ensure a proper fit. If this is still the case I would guess that replacement screws will continue to be made. Although one will probably cost as much as my entire Love bracelet did back in 1997 ;)! HTH
  4. I have the WG love bracelet with 4 diamonds-old stock from the Toronto boutique.

    We paid $45.00 Canadian per screw- which we thought was a great deal.
    My SO said that we were basically buying peace of mind for $90.00.

    Although it did take 2 months for the screws to arrive because they sent us platinum screws instead of the WG. Our SA commented there is always a wait for the replacement screws.
  5. Hmmm...thanks for the info! I should order one set of replacement screws
  6. I just lost one and was told I had to send it back to Cartier as well -- is there another way to get just the screw (I need a gold one)? The cost to recast one at Cartier cost a fortune! I checked eBay and elsewhere on the internet and there isn't one to be found...
  7. No, never thought of that -- but I want to be able to get off the bracelet if I need to. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. ^yea the one that i linked to is the medium strength one so the screws can be removed with a screwdriver. It just makes it more secure while you are wearing it i believe. :smile:
  9. Thank you again!!
  10. No problem :smile: