Cartier Love Bangle Bracelet vs. Cuff

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  1. My cuff is a size 17 and the JUC a 16. :smile:
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  2. Yup! Those are the ones.
    I’m sure you could fold a headband a couple times and use that too, but I just bought a couple of the wrist bands
  3. What a good way to protect the bracelet! And definitely something to weigh in to make the decision. Thank you for this info and best of luck in your fitness journey!
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  4. Thank you! And good luck making your decision! Definitely try both options on, and also the full love (for fun lol).
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  5. I just went to Cartier tonight to pick up my love bracelet.
    I thought of you and tried on the cuff, in a size 17 and 18. If It was comfortable I wouldn’t mind getting it because I could get the 1 diamond one and still be in my budget.
    Unfortunately it looked off on my wrist and the empty part got stuck a bunch on the side of my wrist.
    I think the cuff really depends on your wrist anatomy lol.
    I also tried the thin love with six diamonds and will definitely be adding one to stack in the future.
    I know you said the classic love wasn’t for you, but I’d still try it on and make up your mind then. I’m surprised how much I love it.
    I didn’t mentuon this earlier, but I work in construction as well as having my own business so I’m very hands on and do physical work constantly. I can’t wear a love on my dominant hand due to health risks at work, but it will always be on my left covered with a band.

    Be sure to let us know what you pick!
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  6. You are so sweet! Thank you so much for posting this! It definitely gives me another perspective and will definitely try on all the options out there. I am still saving up for my very first Cartier, but I’ll provide an update as soon as the happy event happens!
  7. Which one would you pick? Pros/Cons of each?
  8. I’m probably getting the cuff:
    -I want to be able to take it off at night
    -I don’t want to have to worry about it falling off
    -It is a bit less costly
  9. These were my reasons. Plus I got the diamond one and it was still cheaper than the plain bangle.

    I have zero regrets about the cuff. I so appreciate having the option of taking it off every day and I never have to constantly worry about screws or glue. Luxury items should not cause stress in my opinion.
  10. I agree about the worrying. I don’t want to be concerned a $6,000+ bracelet will fall off, though I realize that is not the norm.

    I’m glad to hear you could get the diamond one for less too, that is a plus.
  11. Guys, does anyone worry about the cuff falling off or is it not possible? I’ve now started to think what if that falls off when you don’t notice?
  12. If you get the right size cuff (so it’s not too big) there is no way it will fall off!
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  13. That’s very good to hear! Does it have to sit quite close to your wrist bone then to be the right fit?
  14. I have both, sometimes I love being able to take one off and sometimes I find the cuff annoying that I didn't just got with a second bracelet. At first loved the cuff, but now I don't know.
  15. It has some movement. My wrist is approx 14.5cm at it’s widest part and my cuff is size 17 which allows for about 1.5 inches movement from my wrist bone. It’s actually exactly the same size as my full bracelet in size 16 (older style).
    I love both and both have advantages, but I still think the cuff is the most stress free. One solid piece, almost impossible to damage (other than the usual dings and scratches) and can’t fall off, the gap is too small! I purchased an older style bracelet so I wouldn’t be worrying about it falling off, I’m still checking screws though and buying preowned so I could get an older one with less screw issues (hopefully!) wasn’t without it’s worries!
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