Cartier Love Bangle Bracelet vs. Cuff

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  1. I can't totally tell from your pics but I tend to agree if you have daintier wrists/arms I think the thin is lovely (the regular is my fav but I do really like delicate things too!) ... if your wrists are larger I'd go with the more proportionate standard size.
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  3. Finally got my cuff yesterday and glad to hear of other runners that prefer it to the bracelet!! I’m sure many people run with the bracelet too but I really like taking ALL my jewelry off sometimes even my studs.
  4. This is my current dilemma. I can only have one bracelet & the classic bracelet will never be within budget. I have tiny wrists so I expect to be size 15 thin Love & size 16 cuff.
  5. Have you tried these on? That usually sways someone in one direction or another. :smile: The fit of the cuff is more oval than a closed bracelet (thin or regular), so it suits some wrist shapes and not others.

    I have the cuff (6 years old now) and have zero regrets. I like the more substantial look of the full-width bracelet, even though my wrists are on the smaller size as well (size 17 cuff).
  6. I had the same ‘dilemma’ myself at the beginning of last year. Since I’m not allowed to wear jewellery at work I needed a piece I could take on and off easily. I loved the look of the original love bracelet so initially thought I’d get the cuff. However whilst I loved the aesthetic of it, the shape of it didn’t suit me at all in that when I turned my wrist it would get stuck in the opening. I think it just doesn’t fit as well on some wrists as it does on others. I tried and thin/small love bracelet and was pleasantly surprised at how much I preferred it to the cuff! I have had my thin love in YG for over a year now and wear it pretty much every day. No regrets on making that choice. I think if you have a dainty wrist the thin love does look lovely on its own although I know some people feel it lacks presence (mine is a 17 and I wear it mostly on its own). HTHs!
  7. I love my cuff so much. I don't like the look of the thin love alone, I think it looks better stacked with another love but the cuff looks great alone. From the top it looks like the bracelet. Someone commented on mine and thought it was the full but then I pointed out it was the cuff.

    I love knowing that I will never have to deal with screws and screwdrivers with the cuff. It fits great and stays on, but comes off easily when I want it to.
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  8. It depends on what you’re going for! I got the small love bracelet because I liked the concept behind the classic love bracelet. It’s screwed or locked on with a tiny gold screwdriver. The cuff doesn’t need a screwdriver so while the width is the same as the classic full love bangle, it’s just not the same. I definitely didn’t want an opening so I went with the small bangle and am loving it!!
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  9. I have the regular Love and the cuff. I tried both cuff and the thin and the look is totally different. Thin love is much more fragile-looking, delicate and its characteristic is arguably very different from the full sized love. The screws are also not as noticeable IMHO. Great for stacking I suppose and it can look well on some people, but definitely not for me. I love stacking the cuff and regular love as both motifs and thickness in design looks great together and is the look I'm going for. The cuff - though not fully closed - definitely retains the original characteristic, motif and feel of the regular love, more so than the thin love. I highly recommend the cuff if you're looking for the (look and) feel of the regular love
  10. I am going to Cartier tomorrow to try them on! So excited!
  11. I didn't like the thin. The Cartier screw motif is barely visible and it is just very underwhelming. I took it back and got the classic. I think you'll see that you prefer the thickness of the cuff. Let us know how it goes!
  12. The small Love bracelet aka "thin" everyone has renamed it, is the same bracelet as the original just that it's more narrow. I do not understand the intense dislike people have for it. There are plenty of thinner gold bracelets out there. It's definitely not fragile looking or feeling, it's still very thick depth wise if that makes sense. On the other hand, the cuff is just one solid piece with an opening and is not the same concept of the original love bangle fully encircling your wrist and requiring a tool to take it on and off at all.
  13. Everyone has their own preferences! Some want the "concept", others want convenience, others buy what looks and fits best on their wrist, and yet others will collect all the different forms. It's not a big deal.
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  14. I was between the two and bought the thin love. I really love it and I disagree that the screw motif isn’t noticeable. You can definitely see it and others have noticed and complimented me on the bracelet. It doesn’t get lost on my wrist and looks fine by itself. That said, I stack it with my VCA sweet butterfly and like that look better than just one bracelet. I did try on the cuff the other day and the combination was really nice.
  15. If I could only have one, I'd choose the cuff over the plain thin love. Just my opinion, but the plain thin bracelet doesn't do anything for me on its own.
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