Cartier Love Bangle Bracelet vs. Cuff


Sep 11, 2006
If you had to choose between the Cartier Love bracelet/bangle or cuff which would you pick?

I love the look of the screwed on bracelet but I don't know if the cuff is the smarter choice??
I have both. I have a plain rose gold cuff and a plain white gold bangle. Both have advantages and disadvantages. A big disadvantage of bangle is that some have trouble going through airport security. The cuff is also beautiful and cost a little less if you want one that you won't be wearing 24/7. I like having one of each because it is fun to mix it up and wear with different things.
i was tossing up between a cuff and a bangle as well at the time. eventually settled with a cuff because we had planned to do alot of travelling and security at the airport is a *****. secondly, because of work. i thought about it being scratched on the tables and machines etc. so the cuff was the way to go. But will def get the bangle in the near future when travelling and work slows down when we have kids. thats jsut my rationalisation (excuse) to get both :smile:
I love the look & feel of the bangle! But if I would have to choose, it would be the cuff because of practical reasons. I don't want something on my wrist 24/7, I hate 'something' clicking on my computer during the day, I don't like to do yoga or sports with 'something' on my wrist.

Actually, I hope that Cartier will design a bangle with the same look & feel of the love bangle, but that easily opens and closes.
I would be very happy with either one! If pushed I would go for the bangle, it does take some getting used to, but once you do, it is easy to forget about it and roll on with your life!