Cartier JUC <--> VCA Item(s)


Jul 6, 2009
Hi All,

I currently own some Cartier pieces (1 plain YG love bracelet, 1 YG 4-Diamond Love, and 1 YG JUC), and have been eyeing a few VCA pieces for some time. I am contemplating letting go of the JUC to pick up my wish list items, but would appreciate your opinions on which one(s) to get:

- 5-Motif VA Bracelet
- Yellow Gold
- Onyx
- Both or another combo?
- VA Earrings
- Yellow Gold
- Splurge and go for YG Pave

I'm sure I am missing other fantastic pieces (I'd love the Perlee Clover bracelet..but currently out of my budget), so if anyone has any suggestion, would love to hear!
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Sep 27, 2013
Actually, I think those are all outstanding choices to begin a basic collection of Alhambra! I love the solid yellow gold and onyx pieces combined! So both bracelets and either one of the earrings would be a great set! I have the wg pave earrings, but you can get almost 3 pair of other vintage earrings for the price. The pave ones are gorgeous, though!
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