Cartier in Paris

  1. I recently purchased a Cartier Roadster because I was in love with all the different straps/skin types you can buy to change up the look. Unfortunately, I have since learned that only a few of the straps are actually in stock at any given time, and they seem to be the same in the stores I've been to lately (NYC, Chicago, Beverly Hills).

    Would I have better luck at Cartier in Paris? I'm interested in the lizard or smooth leather versions.

  2. Where I live you have to order them and it could take up to 6 weeks!!!! But Im assuming you could order any of the bands, just have to wait?
  3. the SA at Cartier told me you can special order them
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I know you can order them -- I have three that have been on order for almost 2 months now.

    I assume the straps come directly from France, that's why I was wondering if there might be a better selection in the store, in Paris. The wait is killing my spontaneity!!
  5. I totally sympathize with you. Two months is a long wait time. Would a different brand fit the watch? Is Cartier willing to call their boutiques around the country to see if they have the ones you want? I suppose if you have nothing to do one day (yeah, like that ever happens to anyone!) you could call around yourself, but I think it'd be awfully frustrating!
  6. Well, the orange vernis strap I ordered back in July finally came in this week. I asked the SA this question and she told me that 10 of the straps are considered "standard" and usually available within 6 weeks. Apparently, all the others are actually made to order and the delivery time includes the time it takes to get through customs.

    So, I answered my own question. While it won't help get the straps any quicker, it is cool to know that I won't see the strap I ordered on every wrist out there!!