Cartier in Action

Mar 27, 2009
Yes, I'm a big fan of white gold with rose gold. They play off one another. White can be a bit bold/harsh some times and the rose undertones seem to soften it. Yellow with white is harsher to me. Yellow can be bold and so can white and it can sometimes come across to me as too much of a contrast. However this is all personal preference and by no means am I an expert :flowers:. I also should note I speak of this when the two metals are side by side (rather than, say, having on yellow gold earrings and a white gold bracelet where there is a decent distance between).

This cutie (and his half pave sister):
I totally agree that white and rose go together very well. Since my wedding set is white gold, I tend to go more for rose pieces but I feel rose and yellow go together nicely too! But that is simply my opinion, probably has to do with my skin tone and things like that.
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